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Virbac CET enzymatic toothpaste vanilla mint

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Minty Goodness


There will be no need for us to continue the search. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste in Vanilla Mint is the only toothpaste that has made the tooth brushing chore much more tolerable. Our dog loves the flavor but is still learning to love the toothbrush. We brush once a week while supplementing with Virbac CET Hextra Chews or Virbac CET Enzymatic Chews every other day. The combination has shown great results with sparkly white teeth and nice clean gums. Additionally, the scent is pleasant with no overbearing meaty, food odors. We find the best and only time to brush is right before the pup falls asleep. A little less energy makes a whole world of difference. So far, we have been really happy with the effectiveness of the Virbac CET Oral Hygeine line. I have and will continue to recommend these products to other fellow dog pamperers. You will find these retail at varying prices so search online for the best deal. Quality of Ingredients Doggie approved flavor! Side Effects No side effects.

Nutley, NJ


Virbac CET enzymatic toothpaste vanilla mint, works great!


 Virbac CET enzymatic toothpaste vanilla mint. When I adopted my dog at 10 months old he had survived distemper as a baby. He had no enamel on his teeth as a result of the distemper. I used to have to bring him every 6 months to get his teeth professionally cleaned by my veterinarian. My veterinarian suggested brushing his teeth with CET enzymatic toothpaste. I first tried the chicken flavor. My dog didn't like that one. Then I tried the beef flavor and my dog didn't like that one either. Finally I tried the vanilla mint and he likes this one. The Vanilla Mint smells good too. My dog doesn't like to get his teeth brushed, but he does like the taste of the toothpaste. His teeth are in good health. He is 9 years old and gets his teeth done professionally by his veterinarian every 2 years now. The tooth paste has really helped cut down on veterinarian bills. His teeth will never have enamel on them and never look clean and healthy, but they are. I recommend this toothpaste which ever flavor your dog likes.



Kissing Sweet Breath


This brand of toothpaste, C.T.E. enzymatic toothpaste, was recommended to me by our vet. He told me that dogs really like the beef or poultry flavors.  When I went to order it online I noticed they also made this toothpaste in a vanilla mint flavor.  Now  no more yuck breath from our dogs.  Both have really taken to the taste of the toothpaste and it is so much more pleasent for me to use on them.   It's a win win for all, no beefy breath, great cleaning for tarter buildup on their teeth, and the dogs look forward to have their teeth brushed with this product. 

Marion, NY


Virbac CET enzymatic toothpaste vanilla mint

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