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Viore - 42-Inch Plasma HD Television

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Many, many problems


We purchased this Viore TV around Thanksgiving during the great sales. We hadn't done our homework, and we now wish we had. Because it is not a well known brand, the Viore TV's do not have codes that will match up to any normal remote controls, including those for Direct TV and Dish Network (both of which we tried to use with this television). This is a minor inconvience, but does become a hassle when the only remote control that comes with the TV breaks, and you have to turn it on and change the volume by getting up and going over to the TV, (yes, we have become a lazy society). About a year after we purchased the TV, the HD input cord because loose in the inside, and when we turned the TV, we would have to "jiggle" the cord to get the picture to come up and have sound. Now, it is completely done for. Made a loud pop a week ago, and no more picture and sound. We couldn't even get it to turn off. We are done with Viore TV's from now on. It was a waste of money for us.

Whitney, TX


Viore - 42-Inch Plasma HD Television

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