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Viore - 26" LCD/DVD HD Television

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sound but no picture in only 2 months! customer service = none


big yellow sticker telling you to call customer service instead of returning the unit. there is no customer service. I called them on a weekday, during business hours. I was on hold for 30 minutes until I get a message, everyone is busy, please call back. I called back later on, using my cell and home phone. i was on hold. i was 4th and 5th in line. i went all the way down to next in line. same thing, dropped me on my cell, then dropped me on my home phone. Dont purchase this TV. there's a reason why it's only a 3 months warranty. purchase at your own RISK!

South El Monte, CA


Perfect TV for a 1st Time Flat Screen, Multiple Connections!!!!!


Great TV for a first time upgrade from a CRT Tube TV to an HDTV Flat Panel. Very compact comparable to a CRT TV, offers a variety of connections from a VGA Input, Standard Cable Connection, and AV Connections. With that you can connect a computer, gaming systems, and VCRs, as well as DVDs, and with the inclusion of an HDMI Port a blu-ray player. The remote control provides for easy access between different systems by switching displays. With its HDTV capablities, it allows access to more channels avaliable for free for example with a cable subscription mulitple free HD Channels not avaliable with a CRT TV because accessed with this HDTV Flat Panel. Without a remote it provides easy access to control buttons placed above the TV Screen. As well as a green/red indicator light display when its in use and powered down, and the ablity to power down the TV during the event of a possible power surge without disconnecting the power cord, just by flicking the power switch in the back.

Mission, TX


Viore - 26" LCD/DVD HD Television

3.0 2