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Villaware Electric Flatbread Maker & Tortilla Press

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great tortilla press


My sister got me hooked on homemade tortillas and now store-bought just won't cut it! They're much easier to make than people think and thanks to this nifty tortilla press, I can easily make a ton and throw fajita parties. The Villaware is SO easy to use and virtually foolproof (my only blow-up was with the very first one b/c I pressed too hard), so I really think the secret to success is a good recipe (see a tried & true flour recipe below). If you're a first-time user, go with a flour tortilla recipe before trying your hand at corn tortillas b/c they inevitably yield better results. What I love about the Villaware: 1. Maintains an even heat as you make multiple tortillas 2. Requires minimal (almost none at all) pressure to make a nice thin tortilla 3. No clean-up required--great smooth teflon surface doesn't get dirty 4. Allows you to make larger size tortillas than many other makers Flour Tortilla Recipe: 2 cups flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 cup oil 2/3 cup warm water Directions: Mix together with a spoon and by hand. Let sit covered 30 minutes. Roll into 12 balls and press with tortilla press or roll out with a rolling pin.

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Villaware Electric Flatbread Maker & Tortilla Press

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