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Village Naturals
Village Naturals Natural Mineral Bath Soak

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Soooo nice!


These are terrific! I forget what it's called, but the soak and bath salts for sore muscles (in the green packaging), is wonderful in a cool bath during the summer. In the winter, I like to combine the lavender and the latter variety in a hot bath.


Marion, IA


I love this stuff!


I absolutely love all of these products. They have several kinds to choose from, but I think my favorite is the cold and sinus one. It really does help a stuffy nose, but I use it even if I'm not sick because I enjoy it so much. I wouldn't recommend using it if you have a fever and chills though,because the product makes you feel kind of cool as if you just rubbed icy hot all over your entire body. I used it once when I had chills and it made them so much worse. I was freezing when I got out of the bath! The other kinds are great too, but I often use the cold and sinus one the most because it feels a but stronger then the other ones. If your ever in pain after a long day or if you have arthritis, then these products with help you a lot. The two down sides are the price and scent. They are a little expensive and the scent isn't terrible, but it's not great either. I have used these products for several years and I will definitely continue to do so.




Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak


I absolutely love these bath soaks!  My favorite is the Cold and Sinus one.  It includes Echinacea to ease cold symptoms, gingseng to refresh and balance, and tea tree to comfort and cleanse.  There is also menthol in it.  I especially like the salts version.  When I used it with really hot water it helped open up my sinuses and relieve a lot of the pressure in my head and it felt great!  The menthol in it does leave me feeling like I smell a bit of Vicks VapoRub but if I'm just staying around the house afterwards I don't mind it at all.  I'm not really big into using natural products/ingredients but for those of you that are, this is 99.37% naturally derived.  I didn't feel like the price on this was real bad either.  The bottle has lasted a couple of years since I only use it when I have a cold or my sinuses feel plugged up.  The jar of salts was 20 oz.  It was definitely worth the money too for how soothing the salts are in bath water. 


Albany, MN


Lavender and Chamomile....relaxing to say the least.


USE THIS!! If you are stressed or just want to relax, these soaking mineral salts are excellent. They have an elaborate scent that fills the entire bathroom and the scent remains on the skin for a long while. Give it a try. I don't think I have ever tried a less than expensive soak that was so full of scent. It was really shocking and amazing. I love this stuff.


Whitewright, TX


Get Ache and Pain relief with Village Naturals Mineral Bath Soak


I love all bath products but the village naturals therapy Mineral bath soak products are my favorites. I have tried almost all of the products made by village naturals therapy and Enjoy using all of them. I have recently also used Village naturals therapy foaming bath oil stress and tension, These two products are my favorite and the ones that make me feel the best. The smell of the mineral bath soak for aches and pains alone is a soothing sense. The Eucalyptus opens your senses and allows you to feel revitalized. This product contains Eucalyptusto sooth and revitalize, Chamomile to calm and relax and rosehips to comfort and renew the body. When you soak in this product, on instant contact your skin feels cool and renewed. Using mineral bath soak for aches and pains will make your skin feel clean and soft. This product contains vitamins and minerals, which softens the skin and clears the mind. There is no need to add any extra product other than the recommended one third cup full. On most occasions when I visit most stores village naturals therapy products are always my first choice for purchase. Village naturals therapy mineral bath soak for aches and pains is a little more expensive than other general bath wash products, however this product is worth every cent paid. I look forward to come home after a long hard day at work, and soak in a hot bath of minerals using the aches and pains relief . If you work a long hard day, your muscles feel tired, and weak, this product will be a great product for you. With mineral bath soak for aches and pains, you will experience a new stress free and tried free body in soul in only a few moments. When shopping, If this product is not available, please do not hesitate to try another product by village naturals therapy. You will simply be amazed at how wonderful you feel after using any of these products. There are several types of village natural products, some to help with sleeping and some to help with cold and allergy. Either choice you make you make after soaking you will be healed.


Halifax, PA


Village Natural Eucalyptus bath salts


The Village Naturals line, is one of the best on the market, and its rare that I take a bath without using some of their products. The Cold and Sinus variety, in the liquid, and in the salt form, will open your sinuses right up, when used in a super hot steamy bath. The Eucalyptus type awakens the senses, opens the pores, and really makes you feel fresh and clean right out of the bath. My favorite type before bed is the Lavendar Sleep Therapy bath salts, this variety really does help me sleep. Placed under a hot bath, and used right before bed, before I know it, I am clean, and asleep and ready for my next day. A lot of bath products are expensive, but many of them don't hold a true candle to Village Naturals. They are dependable, always reliable, and I don't feel like I'm getting a "cheapie" deal on bath salts and goodies. I know its good stuff, despite the price tag. The absolute best of all though, to me, is the green bath oil, that bubbles under your faucet...just luscious.


Atlanta, GA


Village Naturals Natural Mineral Bath Soak

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