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VillaWare UNO Panini Grill

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I really love this grill


I have recently purchased this grill simply because I want to fry less often and grill more to eat healthier. The first thing that I grilled was salmon. It turned out so delicious after I sprinkled a little lemon! Besides fish, I grill all kinds of meats, from steak to pork chops to chicken and sausage, which are also pretty tasty. I use it every day. I usually clean the grill when it is warm, and the clean-up is just a breeze. I never let the grill dry, so I do not know how easy it is to clean it then. I always make sure to unplug it as soon as I am done, as there is no switch to turn it on/off. It heats up very quickly and grilling is quite fast. As for the grilling time, it really depends how you like your steak, bur for me, I prepare my medium rare steak in maximum ten minutes! I really love everything about this grill -- it grills nicely, it is very quick, easy to clean, has an ideal size (makes it easy for me to store it in one of the drawers below countertops). I highly recommend it!



love almost everything about the villaware UNO panini grill


We recieved this as a wedding gift and use it a lot, but there there are a few things I dont love.  It is difficult to clean and we end up having to balance it half in and half out of the sink.  The little grill cleaner fork thing doesnt work so I usually fold up paper towels and force them through to clean stuff out, then spray it down to rinse the soap off. However, if you dont cook anything messy in it (we have used it for burgers, messy cheesey sandwiches, dessert panani, etc.) its not a big deal because you can just wipe it down. that said, I LOVE the way it works.  Unlike the foreman grills most of my friends and family have, it has actual temperature settings and it beeps instead of just having a light come on or off.  I like that I can toast dessert panini at a lower setting or cook meat at a higher one. My favourite part is the arm of the lid, which is shaped perfectly for applying pressure to the sandwich, which makes it more authenically pressed and easier to eat if you are like me and put way too much stuff on them!

Raleigh, NC


VillaWare UNO Panini Grill's Versatility is Great!


I have used my VillaWare UNO Panini Grill for the past five years, and I still love it! Funny thing is, I rarely use it to make panini sandwiches. Don't get me wrong, this grill makes wonderful paninis - I just use it for so much more than just sandwiches! This grill is wonderful for grilling meats (pork chops, chicken breasts, steaks, burgers, etc) - I can get great criss-cross grill patterns, and searing is no problem as the temperature gage allows for temperature setting. I grill bacon, and the grease just drips away, leaving me with crisp bacon that hasn't been fried in its own fat. French toast? No problem - just allow grill to preheat, give it a quick spray with oil, and you are good to go. Great for summer cooking when you don't want to overheat your kitchen by using the stove, and you don't want to go out into the heat to use the barbeque. Just BBQ inside with the VillaWare! The only downside to this grill, is cleaning. The heat plates are not removable, so if you fry food onto grill, it can take a bit of finessing to get clean. However, just place the grill in your sink and pour hot water (from a mug) over it, then, just quirt some dish soap, scrub with a kitchen brush, finish with another mug of hot water. Not the easiest process, but easy enough for me!

Herriman, UT


VillaWare's UNO Panini Grill is a hit in our house!


I received the *VillaWare UNO Panini Grill* several months ago at my bridal shower.  I loved the idea of it, but couldn't figure out exactly how to make a panini sandwich.  It wasn't until my sister and cousin invited themselves over and heard that the *Panini Grill* was still in its box that I even entertained the idea of using it.  WOW! I can't believe that we let this thing collect dust for so long! I set up a spread of sauteed portabella mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, sauteed onions, chicken breasts, flatbread, panella bread, etc.  Our usual football crew of friends and family were able to assemble and cook their own sandwiches with the *VillaWare UNO Panini Grill*.  The instruction manual was a bit lacking when it came to directions for appropriate settings for sandwiches or even cooking meats, fish, etc. (it goes from 1 to 7)  I chose the middle-ish setting of 4 and it seemed to be a good choice for our sandwiches. Using the* VillaWare UNO Panini Grill *was very easy. We just piled everything in between oru choice of bread, placed it onto the grill, and then pulled the top part of the machine down onto the top of the sandwich.  Some people really pushed the top down to flatten their sandwiches, while others just let gravity gently do its work and were happy to have a taller collection of food.  Once we were finished using the machine, I wiped it down with the soft side of a soapy Scotch Brite sponge.  Cleanup was extremely easy thanks to the nonstick coating and the drip tray that caught any excess oils. The *VillaWare UNO Panini Grill* is a big hit in this house.  It is easy to use and really allows you to be creative in your lunch or dinner creation.  Now that I actually have experience with it, I definitely see myself including it in our meal preparation every single week.  Recommended!

New Jersey, NJ


VillaWare UNO Panini Grill

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