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VillaWare Reversible Belgian & Heart Waffler

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Great Waffle Maker by VillaWare!


My mom got this waffel maker for me on Valentines Day.  I love that my waffels come out in hearts!  I have had it a while now and I use it almost every week.  The maker really does make great consistant waffels.  I love that it is small and easy to store.  It is extremely easy to clean, which is mostly why I use it so often.  The best thing about this waffel maker is that it is reliable.  Anyone can use the maker.  I can be doing a first class meal in the kitchen with bacon, eggs, and waffels and I am never worried about buring my waffels.  The alarm always tells me when the waffels are ready to be removed.  This would also be a great gift for someone, I have found however that you can only find the heart shaped maker around Valentines day so it would be a great purchase in advance type gift.  But I would trust any waffel maker by VillaWare after using this product.  It isn't too cheap but it is an affordable gift for a loved one.


Franklin, TN


The Belgian Waffler by Villaware prepares waffles quickly!


The Belgian Waffler by Villaware is an easy, efficient way to make waffles for my family.  The waffle plates are reversible, leaving one side to make the "traditional" thick and hearty Belgian waffle, and the other side to make thin, delicious heart shaped waffles.  The waffle maker has a variable heat setting, allowing me to control the temperature of the iron and thereby the browning level of the waffle.  THere is also a ready-light indicator that lights up green when the iron is ready for batter to be poured in, and red while in the process of cooking the waffle.  Waffles take about one minute each, and can be kept in a warm oven while other batches are being prepared.  We use our waffle maker at least once a week, enjoying a family breakfast on the weekends.  OUr favorite way to serve waffles is with fruit and cream. Waffles can also be made ahead and frozen, then simply reheated in a regular toaster, anytime, for fresh, delectable waffles.


Wesley Chapel, FL


VillaWare Reversible Belgian & Heart Waffler

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