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VillaWare Belgian Waffle Boat Maker

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I love this villaware v2007 boat waffler


My kids love waffles - and we eat them every day!  I make them and freeze them so once every few days I get this waffle iron out and make a whole bunch of waffles!  It really makes great waffles.  My kids are pretty picky so the boat design makes them fun. We use a gluten and dairy free mix and it works well with our mix.  The size is perfect for their appetite.  The adjustment from light to dark is nice so you can make them to suit your own taste.  My only problem with this iron is that I tend to over-run it sometimes, well - most of the time.  For some reason, I can't seem to get the amount of wafflemix right and when it over-flows, it totally goes overboard and makes a big mess.  If I back off of the mix to try to not get the overflow, it will not get enough in each boat reservoir and not cook properly. This is probably a similiar problem to other waffle irons, I just haven't had that many - so I can't speak for those.  I had a Mickey Mouse one before that didn't make very many waffles or very big ones - so I really find this to be a big improvement over what I had before. 

Mocksville, NC


Delicious Waffles every time


This waffle maker turns out perfect waffles every time if you pay attention to the beeps. It beeps when ready, and then beeps when done.  However, if you miss a beep it takes a batch or two to get back on track.  But, if you don't miss a beep - this is a really great waffle maker.   I especially like the waffle size - it's two long ovals with a deep ridge around the edge so you can pile your waffle high with fruits, syrups, whipped cream, and anything else you want to top your waffle with - it makes a beautiful presentation and also keeps your waffle toppings on top of the waffle until after you eat your eggs and start in on the waffle.   I have had no problems with my waffle maker - it's still going strong after about 5 years - it isn't the easiest to clean and, for that reason, we don't use it as much as i'd like. But it is attractive and a good addition to our breakfast options. I recommend this to anyone.

Wake Forest, NC


VillaWare Belgian Waffle Boat Maker

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