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VillaWare 4-Square Belgian Waffler/Multi-Baker

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Messy, but still happy!


**My husband and I received this VillaWare V6150 4-Square Belgian Waffler/Multi-Baker as a wedding gift off of our registry and we are overall pretty happy with it.  There are a few things that could make it better, but for the money, it is a great value!  My biggest complaint with this ****VillaWare V6150 4-Square Belgian Waffler/Multi-Baker is that it is super difficult to clean.  I am often discouraged from making waffles because of the big greasy mess that is left behind once I am done.  ** **As far as the quality of the waffles when they come out of the maker, I couldn't ask for better.  They do not stick to the waffle maker (as long as you grease it down enough).  I love the fact that it makes multiple waffles at one time.  This works out great for my super hungry and impatient family.  I can serve everyone at least one before the next batch is done.  Also, how great is it that it also contains a griddle and panini maker as well?!?!  It is simply fabulous.**

Lewisville, TX


love that it's a multi-tasker, hate the design


Love the fact that this is a multi-tasker.  I wanted a panini machine and a waffle maker. Got both with this machine. I had no problems with the waffles sticking. if you oil the surface before you put the batter in and let it thoroughly cook, the waffles won't stick. I used canola oil, and the let it do it's job. after ~3minutes I tested opening the iron. Meeting resisantance, I let it cook longer. Around 5 minutes the waffle iron opened without any reistance or sticking. I used the recipe that came in the booklet. Next time I'll add a little more vanilla to the batter. I've also used the panini/grill. I love the fact that this is a dual purpose machine. I have only 2 gripes: - the machine seems a little flimsy, but i think that is a function of the hinge (which is necessary to have the variable height) - the metal surface has no insulation and gets very hot. I have burnt myself on the metal surface by just incidental contact when reaching for a spatula. The burn was actually pretty large and blistered. If you have children, I would recommend constant supervision when using this machine.Overall, definitely a must-have for it's versatility (and the fact that no other machines are multi-purpose) but use caution.  can't wait for another multi-tasker to come along...(hint hint)

Chicago, IL


VillaWare 4-Square Belgian Waffler/Multi-Baker

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