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Viking VGRC485-4G Stainless Steel Gas Range

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Viking appliances are amazing!


I have had a Viking Range for approxiomately 6 years now. The very first time I saw a Viking range I immediately fell in love. After reading several reviews I was very hesitant on buying the brand. There were many complaints about poor reliablility and costly repairs. After much thought and consideration, I decided that Viking appliances were worth the risk. After six years I have had zero problems with my Viking Appliances and they still look amazing. I made the right choice. Temperature Control I have had zero issues with tempature control. I have never had any issues with the oven not warming up or with my food being burned. Heat Distribution I had had no issues with Heat distribution. Durability I am not sure there is a more durable appliance on the market. Viking is over sized and industrial. The grates on the stove are made of heavy, thick cast iron. The materials in/on the range are really top notch. Design The Viking design is what I originally fell in love with. I love the look of the heavy, oversized industrial range. It is beautiful! Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is the only downfall to the range. I feel like it takes me forever to clean the top of the stove. I feel that I have to completely take the top of the range apart to get it all cleaned. The black range surface is really hard to buff clean. I do feel that even though the range does take longer to clean, it is still worth having.



Viking VGRC485-4G Stainless Steel Gas Range

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