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Vigoro Dumping Garden Cart - 1,000lb. Capacity

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I have nothing negative to say about the product, infact I love this little yellow wagon. I bought my wagon and my home a few months apart (the wagon came first). I was getting prepared and lets just say that I am an avid gardener and this wagon has never let me down. Everything I hauled in it, got to its destination without any problems. My problem is trying to purchase a replacement handle. Trying to contact Vigoro is like pulling teeth without anesthesia. These huge corporations really need to step up their customer service skills and make getting in touch with them a priority. However, who cares since we buy all their products anyway!



Virgoro garden dump cart


I purchased subject cart in March 2005, and have been delighted with the capability, size and flexibility of subject equipment. I have used it with a John Deere lawn tractor on a weekly basis and has been a godsend. Most recently I backed it out of garage and it jackknifed and the connecting shaft split, cracked, I need a new tow bar/connecting shaft and bushings. Any assistance obtaining subject information would be most appreciated. George

Melbourne, FL


Great Cart - easy on your back


I was skeptical about this cart when my wife said she wanted to get one, but now I am very glad we got it.                                                                                                                 The only bad thing I would say about it is that it is a little difficult to put together, but it is definately worth the effort.                                                                                                     On the good side: This is a sturdy little cart - it feels pretty indestructable. The four big knobby wheels it comes with easily navigate all the bumps and divets in my yard, and I can easily pull the cart uphill. The handle easily moves up and down, and side to side making this cart very easy to manuver.                                                                              The dumping feature just "takes the cake". It makes yard work a lot easier.

Rockville, MD


Vigoro Dumping Garden Cart - 1,000lb. Capacity

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