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ViewSonic LCD Monitor

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The Viewsonic VX2433WM 24" Monitor is a solid performer.


My wife bought the Viewsonic VX2433WM 24" LCD monitor for me for my birthday back in September of 2009 and I have been happy with this product since.  Picture display is clear and the colors are rich and vibrant.  I have had no issues with the monitor and I use it on a daily basis.  The monitor is well constructed and has a glossy black bezel which adds a touch of class and is very aesthetically pleasing.  I watch a lot of movies and videos on my monitor and the picture quality is outstanding since the response time is rated at 2ms.  The monitor includes surround sound speakers embedded within the panels and adds a nice touch, although I have desktop speakers so I don't really use the monitor speakers all that much, but still it is nice to have the option for people who are minimalistic or have no desktop speakers.  The VX2433WM comes with VGA, DVI, and HDMI outs which is great because it supports such a wide variety of formats.  The only negative I can see is that the stand is not quite as sturdy as I would like.  Sometimes I will be working on a project near the monitor and my movements cause the monitor to shake somewhat, perhaps it is my table, nonetheless, a sturdier base would have added to the overall value of the unit.  The monitor is a decent balance between price and functionality and is a good buy for computer enthusiasts looking for a big screen monitor.

Alhambra, CA


this is a great monitor


I purchased the ViewSonic VX2433WM from a warehouse retailer for an extraordinarily low price, which made it irresistable! This monitor has vivid, crisp colors and is excellent at displaying graphics and video! By default, it is exceptionally bright, so I adjusted both the contrast and brightness to about 50%. This is a very responsive monitor with no ghosting present. It also came with zero stuck or defective pixels, which made me very happy. The one area where this monitor could be improved is related to text display. At times, text can be a bit fuzzy on screen, but this is something I've noticed on other 24 inch displays before (notably Samsung). It's not a show-stopper, but text is not as clear as on my 19" monitor at home or at work.  The built-in speakers are awful, with a really cheap sound. Fortunately, I don't plan to use them much. I think it has to do with function following form where, for beauty's sake, the speakers are on the back and downside of the monitor, creating an indirect sound. The sound is much worse than on my old 19" ViewSonic monitor.

New Orleans, LA


This Viewsonic is ultrasonic awesome!


I bought this HD Viewsonics tv/monitor to see how the picture looks. I read all the reviews and carefully selected this item because of all the Great reviews I read. They were 100% correct. This little baby packs an awesome HD picture quality that blings off the screen. It's also nice and compact so if you have a small room or have to fit it in a tight space you got the right item for the right price! I was pleasantly surprised by the sound also. I read reviews that claimed it was tinny. I set the sound to music and it sounds rich and clear. Also it is extremely loud. I put it on a low setting and it's still very loud and clear. I would recommend if looking for a small tv, with a blinging HD picture and a awesome sound. You got it in this product. Worth it's weight in gold. So do your online research and consider all of your options, but in the end you'll definitely pick up this tv for it's looks' picture quality and sound.

Shelton, CT


Nice picture but jiggles just from typing


I bought it yesterday and am probably going to return it today.  The picture is awesome, much better than the 24" acer that I have on my desk.  But I can't get over how flimsy the monitor stand is.  It jiggles just from typing on my keyboard.

Barrington, IL


ViewSonic LCD Monitor

4.3 4