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ViewSonic 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

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You'll Love the View on the Viewsonic 22" LCD Computer Monitor!


You know that moment when Dorothy stepped out from her farmhouse and the world she awoke to was in such vivid color compared to Kansas? That is just about how I felt when I powered on my new Viewsonic VX2233wm widescreen LCD computer monitor! This Viewsonic computer monitor boasts a 22 inch widescreen viewing area that has extremely vivid color. You will be amazed at how exceptional this monitor displays all the colors of the rainbow and more! It even shows darker colors and black better than most and is great for watching music videos and movies. Another nice feature is the eco-mode for the monitor. It powers down after certain time period and can save you up to 40% in power usage. That's a nice help for your wallet. The monitor is wall mountable if you purchase a mounting bracket. The Viewsonic does have DVI input and VGA, as well. The only drawback is that it does not have a HDMI inputs, although converters are available. The speakers are loacted inside the monitor so you can get rid of that sightly auxilliary set. The biggest drawback to this monitor is the that the pedestal is not adjustable vertically. This is a wee bit inconvenient if you are a taller person and don't want to have to hunch to see the display. Overall, the Viewsonic VX2233wm is a great value for the money and the display will truly inspire awe. I'm glad I bought it and you should, too.

Curtice, OH


ViewSonic VX2233wm monitor is very sharp and useful


ViewSonic VX2233m is an outstanding monitor. It is a 22 inch widescreen that sits on a stand. It is very easy to attach the creen to the stand. It doesn't take up a lot of space. My husband is a photographer and the widescreen allows him to view photo's the way he needs to. He can pull up a client's pictures and edit them quickly. We are constantly on the computer and the monitor is very helpful. We can open a few documents at a time and view them together without having to zoom in and out. It has a very clear and sharp picture. We got it at a very fair price, a little less expensive than the HP monitor. We are very happy with it and will continue to buy ViewSonic products. Hope this helps!

Durand, MI


ViewSonic 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

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