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Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon Answers 1" Nano Gold Flat Iron for Extra Fine to Fine Hair

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This is the best Flat Iron!


I have tried other flat irons and this one is by far the best. So good in fact that when unfortunately I dropped it, I had to buy another! I could have tried another more expensive one or another brand but I did not! This one heats up really fast. I usually have it on the highest setting. I have naturally wavy hair and when I decide to straighten it, I want it really straight! When this heats up it is really hot and gets the job done. I like the auto shut off feature. There definately have been times I have been late for work and went rushing out the door and forgot to turn it off or unplug it. Come home and go "oops!" forgot to shut it off.... So, I love having that auto shut off feature! I am a very budget conscious person as well, but I don't like to give up quality. This flat iron to me is quite reasonably priced!

Hartford, WI


The Vidal Sassoon flat Iron will do in a pinch!


I purchased my Vidal Sassoon Flat Iron on sale at a local pharmacy retailer. I was looking for a flat iron so one at a bargain price was all the better for me. When I first used the product I was pleased to find that it had two heat settings and golden plates that were protected by the actual handles of the flat iron. I was impressed with the sleekness of the design and the ease of use of the tool for straightening and flattening hair. My beautician uses a flat iron with regularity when she does my hair and I had been impressed by the results. I guess I was a little spoiled and hoped that I would have the same results with the flat Iron that I had purchased for myself. The product does perform satisfactorily and it will pass for the most part, but I feel that I needed more intense heat to get the results that I was hoping for. Maybe one more notch on the heat controls would have been best for me.

Greer, SC


Thank God for my Vidal Sassoon Flat iron!


Flat Irons are everywhere, but only a few of them actual are worth while using or trying out. Since I first plugged in this flat iron I knew it was better than the rest. It only took a short while to heat up and be ready fo full hair use. usually wiht other flat iron it took me awhile to do my whole head. With this brand it took me only ten (10) minutes to do so. it was fast, easy, and made my hair shine and straighter than ever. the straightener has a slim sleek design for easy handling and the "signiture" godl plates of a straightener that heat up with ease. Since the plates maintain high consisting heat, you never have to worry about other places of your hair looking different than others. With the simple but essential deisgn, you'll never do one thing that happens alot. Burn Yourself! the plates are surrounded with the main base of the flat iron to ensure you that you'll never get burned or feel the intense heat on your skin.

Jacksonville, NC


Vidal Sassoon Nano Straightener works well for fine hair.


Vidal Sassoon Nano Straightener does a good job at straightening my fine hair, but I wouldn't recommend it for any one who has regular to coarse hair. I have used friend's straighteners that are much hotter and do a much faster job straightening my hair, but it doesn't take an extremely hot straightener to flat iron my hair. My hair does not get damaged from the straightener, because it doesn't get extremely hot. The straightener does not use steam. It takes me about 10 minutes to straighten my shoulder length hair with this straightener. I'm thinking of buying a different type of flat iron that will take less time, because I think the flat iron is not getting as hot now that it is a year or two old. I have the bright blue colored straightener, which I thought was really pretty, but after storing the straightener in a bathroom cabinet for a year- I realized that the blue on the corners of the straightener was coming off and making blue marks on the cabinet.

Middleburg, FL


Great Straightener for ALL types of hair!


I have thick, wavy/curly hair and I always have a hard time trying to get it straight. I purchased this Vidal Sassoon straightener about a year and a half ago, and it's still working perfectly. I really like the temperature control, I am able to see how hot the straightener is and change it so it is right for my hair. I like that it is thin and easy to hold. Straightening my hair takes forever, so the lightweight style is great. The outside of the straightener doesn't get too hot even after it is on for a long time, which is good considering the amount of time needed to get ready. I use this straightener on my sister's hair as well, and her hair is completely opposite mine- thinner and straighter. This is where the temperature control is especially helpful. Even after I straighten my hair I can use it on her's without it being too hot to hold. We are both very satisfied with this straightener and would probably purchase it again!

Andover, KS


Finally, a flat iron I can use


The Vidal Sassoon is the best styling tool I have ever found. I have very fine hair, and not too much of it and this is the only flat iron that really allows me to straighten my hair. All other tools my hair just slips right through the bars. This one is particularly made for fine hair so it works great.

Puyallup, WA


Vidal Sassoon Answers 1" Nano Gold Flat Iron for Extra Fine to Fine Hair

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