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Victorio Sauce Maker and Strainer

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80-100 qts of applesauce every autumn


My sauce maker gets a real workout every autumn, when the apples get ripe. My kids and I pick about 350 pounds of apples then proceed to spend three days making applesauce. Everyone gets involved, even my four year old. The kids take turns cutting apples, cranking the saucemaker and pushing the cooked apples down in the hopper. My favorite thing about this sauce maker is that you don't have to peel or core the apples! Just steam them until soft, then process through the mill. The seeds, peel, stem all comes out the end and the sauce comes out the side. Power It's a hand crank appliance, so the power comes from whomever is cranking it... usually one of my 3 kids under 8. Even my 4 year old can do it, so it's plenty easy! Ease of Assembly It's not hard to put together, but the first time there is a bit of a learning curve as you figure out which little piece goes where. Once you've done it a time or two, it's no big deal. Ease of Cleaning It is a good idea to clean it right away. Cooked on applesauce can be kind of hard to get out of the strainer.

Tenino, WA


Love my Victorio Food Processor


I wish very good could be excellent! I have had my Victorio Food Processor for over ten years now and I use it so much during the fall canning season. My friends borrow it. My son borrows it. It is a work horse. It is so heavy duty and does a fabulous job. I use it to process my tomatoes. I wash and quarter the tomatoes and then put them through the mill. It separates the skins and seeds from the pulp and juice. I then re-process the skins and seeds to get even more of the pulp and juice out. Still no seeds or skin in the final product. Perfect. I use it to make apple sauce also. I quarter the Duchess apples which can not be beat for apple sauce. Again, no seeds or skins. I run it through the process twice so as not to waste any of the pulp. It works so well. I do not use it for any other applications, but any one creative in the kitchen could find a million of uses I am confident. If there were any complaints, it would be that the metal separator thingy is kind of difficult to clean. I do not have a dish washer so maybe that would be the solution. As I said in the beginning of my review, this machine is ten years old now and used alot during the harvest season. Best thing since sliced bread. Power No motor on this food processor. Gotta use your muscles. Great workout! Safety Kids could help me with this machine. Very Safe Ease of Assembly Gotta turn a few screws and stuff. Simple. Ease of Cleaning I think a dish washer would make the clean up much easier. Durability Mine is ten years old already. Works perfect every year.

Medford, WI


Perfect for applesauce!


I used this to make homemade applesauce for my baby and absolutely loved it! Boil the apples and put them right it. It takes the core and skin out the side and the applesauce comes down and falls into your bowl. You can't beat homemade applesauce like that for you or your kids! Easy, easy!



Victorio Sauce Maker and Strainer

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