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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

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Love the scent!


I love this perfume made by VS. It's a great fragrance without being overwhelming and long lasting. One of my favorites.




The Best Fragrance from Victoria's Secret


This perfume is the best Victoria's Secret has to offer. Compared to all other scents Victoria's Secret offers this one, by far, surpasses them all. Not overwhelming but long-lasting. This scent is soft and sexy. Whether or not you're a young female in highschool a middle aged woman who desires to find a man at a bar, or a woman with age attending a wedding, this perfume will be a great match. Not expensive as comparable scents from a department store, but a little more expensive than just the body mists. Also, with the perfume a little goes along way. The scent lingers, but like I said earlier it's NOT overwhelming by any means. It's also a great gift idea, for birthdays, graduations, weddings, or even just because, you can't go wrong when it comes to "Very Sexy" I Give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone out there. If you like any kind of Victoria's Secret perfumes, give this one a try. You won't go wrong.


Riverview, MI


everytime i wear this i get complimented


I am so happy that Victorias secret still carries this! I will be very upset the day they stop! Although I am not sure they will stop since it has to be the most popular scent they sell. My husband and I both love it so much, he thinks I am trying to turn him on when I wear it around him, that is how much he loves it. I get it for every holiday from him because he loves it so much. I love that I can get the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume, body spray, everything that smells sooo good! I love very sexy by victorias secret, everytime i wear it, I have strangers come up to me and tell me how good I smell! Sometimes the attention is unwanted, but it is nice to know that I smell good! just thinking about it now makes me want to wear it! You can even get the lotion with shimmer in it, which is fun for a night out, or on the beach in the sun, where everyone will notice your sparkle and your smell! It is a little pricey, but I am so in love with the scent that I dont care at this point! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel sexy and appreciates a good womanly smell =D


Hebron, MD


very sexy by VS


very sexy is probably one of the most well known perfumes by victorias secret. the bottle is simple and chic enough; an oval bottle all in a very nice dee shade of red. i tried this on a whim because the body spray was on clearance during the semi annual sale at VS. i bought it with the matching lotion, to use separately on days when i just wanted moisture and a little scent. i have to say that it is a nice scent, but it can come off a bit strong depending on how much one uses. i usually use it around the house to smell nice for the hubby, but in my opinion it is a bit much when one goes out. it was a good deal when i got it, or else i probably would never get it. and i dont think i would get another bottle either.. as there are better victorias secret perfumes out there, like the dream angels ones. if you get it in a gift set or on sale then try it, but im not sure its worth it at full price.


Augusta, ME


The sexiest perfume from VS!


Very Sexy from victoria's Secret is indeed extremely sexy. I tried this scent my freshmen year of high school and have loved it every day since then. My friend and I wore it constantly and always bought for each other for birthdays and holidays. The scent is strong, but definitely not overpowering. This perfume is a scent that you will not have to respray all day to keep smelling sexy! I love to spray it in my hair and all over my body. This is an instant attracter scent! I got so many compliments whenever I have this perfume on! My husband always comes home and says wow you smell amazing! Because the perfume scent stays with you all day, even the small bottle lasts a long time because you don't have to be constantly respraying yourself. Even the bottle packaging is sweet and sexy. This is a great gift for a friend or for yourself! Some people may think the scent is a little overpowering, but I think that is just the first time you smell it!


Mcadoo, PA


Very Sexy for girls over 40


I love Victoria's Secret. They have so many perfumes and lotions that it makes it very hard to choose once your actually in the store. The last time that I went in, I found a perfume pack that had about 4 or 5 great perfumes. The perfumes that were in the pack were some of the stores biggest sellers and the price made it totally worth while. The total cost was less than one full bottle of perfume, so I gave it a shot. One of the perfumes that was in the pack was the Very Sexy perfume. The sent to me, inspires thoughts of ellegant evenings, such as going to the opera, or a very formal dinner party. I would say that the sent is deffinately for someone over 40 and that it is a little to formal for me. My husband on the other hand really likes the perfume so I guess if you are wearing the perfume for a mans cause then go for it. Anytime that we are going out this is the perfume of my mans choice. Please your man :)


Vancouver, WA


Victoria's Secret Very Sexy has become my signature scent.


I have the perfume of this scent as well as the shimmer body lotion.  The lotion is another one that I'd use as perfume. The shimmer isn't too glittery, and the lotion works pretty well.  The perfume is the scent I wear at night, especially when I'm going out.  It's been my favorite night time scent over the years.  The bottle itself is sexy, and it definitely smells so.  I've been complimented on how I smell when I wear this, and I feel confident that I smell good when I wear it.  It is worth the money, although it's not one of the more extremely high-priced perfumes.  This has been my favorite item from Victoria's Secret, and I'd be heartbroken if they ever discontinued the scent.  Again, it's musky how I like and it's does smell "very sexy".  I feel that it's a little much for the day time, when I like to wear a fruitier, lighter scent.  I would recommend this to anyone and feel that it's perfect for finishing off a dressed up look on a night out. 


Layton, UT


Dare me. Seriousy.


Who doesn't like feeling sexy, desirable or just able to conquer the world? Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It can bring back memories, catch someone's attention and leaves a lasting impression. This fragrance is sexy, rich and uninhibited. It stays with you throughout the day and makes you feel like you can, in fact, conquer the world. The dark purple bottle is beautifully simple for a lovely fragrance, classified as a woody citrus. The top notes for Dare are bergamot, blood orange, pineapple juice, tamarind nectar and hazelnut leaf. This leads to middle notes of yellow jasmine, lily, purple freesia, nutmeg and white peony. Finally, the low notes are  grapefruit wood, sandalwood, musk and tonka bean. I use this fragrance when I need a boost, when I am not at my best because it makes me feel confident and sexy. No one can stop me when I wear this because no one can resist me. It bolsters my confidence and makes me braver on those tough days. It is sexier then my normal daytime fragrances, but some days you just need the boost. It's worth it!


Colorado Springs, CO


This brings out the animal in you.


Last year around christmas time I purchased the perfume Very Sexy with Pheromones by Victoria Secret. I loved the idea of the magnetic bottles for him and her. It was a really cool way to have perfume and cologne in the same place at the same time and not be afraid of losing them. I loaned it to my cousin and she came back and told me she was certain that the pheromones were working because a male friend of hers was acting like a teenager in heat. I thought it was very funny and I was glad to hear that it had actually worked. I would recommend this perfume/cologne to any person or couple who would like to spice up thier love life alot. It has the effect to draw out the animal in you and others around you. I would buy this product again in a heartbeat. But I recently asked a sales lady working at Victoria Secret about when I could purchase them again and was told they are only available during the christmas season. So if you want some now is the time to buy it. So if you use it, use with caution because it brings out the wild in others.


Colfax, IA


sexy. sensual. and drives the boys wild.


This is my all time favorite purfume, I've been wearing it for almost three years now. Every person has there own natural scent and this one mixes beautifully with mine. It has a long lasting fragrence that doesn't over power the senses like some of Victoria Secrets other purfumes. I can put it on in the morning and can still smell it when I get off work at 8. Nothing drives my boyfriend more crazy than when I wear this on a date. The best part about this purfume is that you can wear it anywhere, it's not just a night out kind of fragrance. A little bit of this stuff goes a very long way so be careful. The only con that I could find about this lovely purfume is that it is a little pricey when you want to buy the bigger bottles. But Victoria Secrets always has sales going on, especially around Christmas and Valentines Day. I highly suggest buying around these times as they always have gift sets.


Goose Creek, SC


Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

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