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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Laundry Softening Dryer Sheets

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Smell pretty amazing, as a dryer sheet - wow they suck


I got this with a coupon so I thought I'd try a new product from VS. It smelled nice in the box. It comes with an average number or so of sheets and average size althought they are, of course, very expensive. I believe these were 10 or so. I knew I would extend the use by having them in my drawers to scent my clothes and such. Just the putting the box in one drawer was decently scented. I use one sheet here and there. The sheets do not work very well at all for static cling. I do not normally use static sheets like these. I may use a tiny piece of one if my laundry may be staticy and I always use the pokey rubber balls. I threw a whole one into what would be some statcy laundy with the dryer balls and my laundry came out more statcy then it had in a long time. I almost think the load would have been better off without the sheet! I may try two sheets in a more regular load next time. The laundry was somewhat scented with the fancy scent which was what was hoped for. It did not last especially long, but was nice.

East Lansing, MI


Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Laundry Softening Dryer Sheets

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