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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret So Sexy

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The So Sexy line makes my hair BEAUTIFUL!


I am completely devoted to the whole Victoria's Secret So Sexy Hair Care Line! I have not found a line that compares with- or even comes close to the So Sexy Hair Products. My hair has been abused by junk hair products my whole life, and no other line has been able to do what was promised- So Sexy is great in that when you get a product for a certain need, it fulfills that need- for example, I have color treated hair and I am currently using So Sexy's Color Treated shampoo and conditioner and it has made my color more vibrant than it was the day I dyed it! Very impressive! Not only does Victoria's Secrets So Sexy product work the way they are supposed to, but they un-do any damage done by other products. My hair is super dry from stripping shampoos and now, since using So Sexy shampoo and Conditioner, my hair has no breakage and is full of life again. It's weightless, voluminous and glossy! I am so proud of my hair! I can actually manage to style it, because it isn't as heavy as is was before! And it actually looks great down because it's not frizzy and dead anymore. I jump out of the shower, blow dry and go! My hair is repaired, and I'm choosing to keep it that way! I cannot say enough about the So Sexy Hair Care line- it has worked wonders on my hair!

Worcester, MA


Love everything about it!


I bought this shampoo and conditioner in college about 8-10 years ago while I was big in the dating game.  It was a little more expensive than my typical every day shampoo, so I used it only as my special occasion shampoo.  It was that good.  It made my hair look and smell great!  It didn't weigh it down, gave it great body, and my favorite for dating - smelled great! I always got compliments on how good my hair smelled. Years later, I still love this shampoo!  Catch it on a good sale and it is cheaper than hair products I would typically buy.  I should use it every day, but I still use it for special occasions and special date nights out with my husband.  I'm sure it brings back memories of our dating years for him! The only caution I would give to anyone is if you have allergies and are sensitive to perfumes, then this may have too strong of a scent for them.  My overall favorite shampoo/conditioner!

Knoxville, TN


The Scent is completely unforgettable!


I have extremely curly, frizzy, wild shoulder length hair - (think Irish Step Dancer!) - that gets even more insane in the hot months.  I don't shampoo my hair often because it is already dry, but I condition it every day and need a lot of product to hold it down! A co-worker of mine who I noticed always smells SO SO SO good and happens to have the exact same type of hair recommended the VS So Sexy hair care products and because I was so stuck on the scent, I had to try it.  I was only going to get the hairspray but of course, there was a "3 for" deal, so I bought Hairspray, Conditioner for Curly hair, and the Detangler.  THE SCENT IS UNFORGETTABLE and it actually makes me feel a little zen - which is nice since I work in a high stress environment in an ICU and the hospital. The Hairspray holds well but not as good as I would have liked.  It seems to have a great hold at first, but then, it sort of "wears off".  I have wound up using my regular hairspray for my workday, but the So Sexy if I am going out. The Detangler is awesome.  I can almost never get a brush through my curls when my hair is wet but, if I spray in the detangler first, its a huge help. The Conditioner seems like a bit of a waste of money.  It smells wonderful and has a nice, thick, feel, but if you need as much conditioner as I do, I think you are better off spending less money on something else and only using the So Sexy finishing products. All in all, I do love the product... Its worth a try.

Red Bank, NJ


It's definitely one of the best shampoos that improve my hair


I love victoria's secret so sexy shampoo. it works wonders on my hair, smells great, and doesn't damage or add buildup like most of the other products out there. It's slightly more expensive, but for once it's a product worthy of it's price.

Pittsburgh, PA


Victoria's Secret So Sexy

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