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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret So Sexy Nourish Healthy & Hydrated Shampoo

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One of the best!


Victoria's Secret So Sexy Nourish Healthy and Hydrated Shampoo was the first in the line that I tried. It is what started my obsession with Victoria's Secret Hair Care! I loved how healthy my hair was while using it- it really restored my hairs healthfulness. I have been using Victoria's Secret Hair Care products for some time now, and I can truly say that I have noticed a huge change in my hair. It isn't as dry or frizzy as it once was, it's glossier, sleeker and full of volume. My hair is really long and tends to get weighed down by some shampoos and conditioners, and that didn't happen with Victoria's Secret So Sexy Nourish Healthy and Hydrated. It made my hair lighter, which in turn added volume and bounce- something I have never had in my hair! I am so proud of my hair now, and it's a lot easier to manage and style. I feel like this line of hair products was made for me- it really works that well! The scent is amazing, it's like nothing I've ever had in a shampoo or conditioner and it lasts all day. If your looking for a shampoo that is going to restore you hairs health, I would definitely give this a try- I truly recommend it!

Worcester, MA


Who needs perfume when you wash with this!


This shampoo is amazing, the scent is intoxicating. The scent lingers all day. My husband went into the bathroom this morning after I showered this morning and said he loved my new perfume. He was shocked when I told him it was my shampoo.It's so girly and sexy, exactly what you would expect of Victoria's Secret.

Manlius, NY


Victoria's Secret So Sexy Nourish Healthy & Hydrated Shampoo

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