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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Rockin Body Luminous Perfecting Body Cream

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Victoria's Secret Rockin Body Luminous Perfecting Body Cream


Great for Legs! I really like using this product, and the price wasn't that bad either. I would purchase again and continue to enjoy using this Luminous Body Cream! Scent Good scent, not too strong, just enough. My husband likes the scent. It also works well with perfumes, the scents will not clash, it will blend with about any other scent you want. I have used with a couple different perfumes. Absorption The lotion part sets into skin very well, while perfecting shimmer stays put. I love using it on my legs, great for in the spring when my legs are a bit pasty looking. Also like how the glow-ey effect helps cover those imperfections (or dimples/cellulite) on my thighs. I don't feel like the shimmer wears off on clothing or chairs or anything. Seems to stay put. Effectiveness Overall, I really like this lotion. I have purchased it a couple times, and plan to do in the future. It is a good lotion for legs and arms for that special date night or event. I also like to rub on my chest area for a bit of glow.

Brainerd, MN


VS Rockin Body Luminous Perfecting Cream: Girl's Best Friend!


Victoria Secret's Rockin Body Cream is brilliant! It is a sexy concoction of Shea butter, nature's most luxurious moisturizer, and diamond dust, girl's best friend, and nature's ultimate luxury! This cream, good enough to be used by Victoria's Secret models before their show, goes on smooth and creamy. It illuminates, hydrates and perfects the skin for a healthy, vibrant glow. Other illuminating lotions and creams I have used in the past, only seem good at highlighting my skin, but don't perfect my flaws. This cream is excellent at doing both! It's amazing because It acts as a moisturizer and air brush all in one. I don't know how I ever did without it! The only downside to this product is that it doesn't come in a variety of colors for different skin tones, and it doesn't contain an SPF, skin's other sexy essential. However, this cream still goes a long way at "rockin" the body. Victoria's Secret knows sexy! Scent Smells great, like Shea butter! Absorption Goes on buttery soft, for soft, creamy skin. Effectiveness Brilliant highlighter with brilliant ingredients!

Cincinnati, OH


Victoria's Secret Rockin Body Luminous Perfecting Body Cream

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