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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Lotion

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Love the product and the bottle


I am such a fan of the Victoria's Secret pink brand! They always offer high end products that I enjoy using. I loved it when I received the pink warm and cozy lotion as a gift! First of all I love lotion or in fact any products that come in a bottle with a pump! They are so convenient and I find that I will use these products faster and more frequently because it is so convenient to use. I put a bottle of this on my bathroom counter and I use it throughout the entire day. First of all the scent is spectacular. I don't like lotions that have a really strong scent and this is just mild enough to enjoy! A refreshing and lovely scent. I also loved how moisturizing it was! It kept my hands feeling soft and silky for hours. This lotion also absorbs nicely. It's a great product that I would recommend to anyone reading this review! Scent A wonderful scent that stays with you! Not too overpowering or strong. Just enough. Absorption Good absorption. Effectiveness An effective lotion and product that I would recommend to anyone reading this review.




Smells heavenly!! Everyone loves it! Can't wait to stock up!


Great scent! Definetely one of my new favorites! Can't wait to stock up and get enough to last awhile! Lasts through the day and never fails to reel in compliments! Scent Awesome scent! Fresh and sweet! Love wearing it and smelling it throughout the day- and getting countless compliments. Most definetely will buy more and more and more!! Love this and all the different kinds of warm and cozy. Absorption Sets well on skin and absorps pretty quickly- might want to give it a minute or two to dry though. I find that doing this instead of just putting it on and going gives much more of a lasting effect. Tried the technique and now I make sure I always leave plenty of time for my skin to absorp it- its definetely worth the time. Effectiveness As long as you let it set and work it self into your skin it leaves a lasting and impressionable scent- a fantastic sweet one as well. Lasts all day and stays on long enough so I don't have to reapply and am still smelling it as I get home.




Great Lotion


I really like the Victoria's Secret Pink Warm & Cozy lotion and the fact that it seems to last forever. I have been using this product sporadically for the past few months, and I think it has a great scent. It is not too overpowering, and it is perfect to wear daily. Scent The scent of this lotion is nice and fresh. It is not too overwhelming. I always get compliments when I wear this lotion. Absorption The Victoria's Secret Pink lotion has good absorpancy. I hate when lotion just seems to sit on your skin, and I have never had that problem with the Pink lotion. Effectiveness This product is effective in keeping my skin moisturized. I don't typically have problems with dry skin, but I always make sure to wear this, or any other type of lotion, during the winter months. I think this works just as well as any other lotions. It is fairly inexpensive, so for that reason, I may like it even better than other lotions I have used.




So nice before bed


I love this Victoria's Secret Pink Warm and Cozy Lotion for before bed. It is a very soft, relaxing scent. So if you have had a very long, hard, stressful day this is the thing for you. Take a warm shower, apply this lotion on arms, neck and chest, snuggle in bed with a book and hot chocolate and soon you will be off to sleep. It has been really nice for me after a long day to unwind and just relax before bed. I have really enjoyed it and save it almost only for this time of day as my sense of smell has already gotten used to the idea that this cream means BED. Haha. I really love it also as the bottle is large and lasts a long time. The cream is very thick and creamy and you don't need a lot to get the effect of hydrated and soft skin. Scent Spectacular for winding down after a long, hard day. Absorption Absorbs without a problem. Effectiveness It puts me right into relax mode as soon as I apply it! Totally soothing and comfortable.


Minneapolis, MN


Victoria's Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Lotion isn't that cozy.


Victoria's Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Lotion isn't that cozy.  It didn't feel and smell as good, as I thought it would.  I was a little disappointed.  I don't think it's a bad product; I just think it's an average one.  The scent of it is just okay, nothing special.  I mean I thought with a title like "Victoria's Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Lotion", I thought it would be marvelous.  The smell is subtle and it smells a little flowery with a slight touch of tang to it.  Well, what can I say...  It's kind of hard to describe.  It does moisturize your body in a wondrous way though.  The texture's not too thick and it's not too thin.  I like lotions that are just right in texture, and this one is.   The container this lotion comes in is super cute.  The color is a pretty dark pink color with white detailing, and the writing on the container is pleasing as well.  I wish it came in a larger size though.  I don't like the price of this product very much.  It doesn't work as well as the price makes you think it will.  I give this product "3 STARS", but if I were to rate it on a scale of "1-10", I'd have to give it a "5.5".


Stockton, CA


large and lovely


I bought this lotion from Victoria Secret a while ago and ever since I bought it, I have not used any other type of lotion for my skin. This lotion smells so good and i love the way the scent stays on my skin for the whole day so that i keep smelling good even after I have had the lotion on for a few hours. This lotion comes in a large bottle that lasts me a couple months. It goes on smooth and does not leave me with a greasy feeling on my skin. The lotion is a bit on the pricey side, but I think that it is worth the money because of how good it smells. I like how moisturized my hands feel when I use this lotion. The pump on this bottle is easy to use and it also pushes out just the right amount of lotion that I need. The bottle of lotion is bulky in my opinion and when I travel, it takes up a lot of room in my cosmetics bag. There is a prominent PINK logo on the side of the bottle so that people who see it know where it came from.


Oakdale, CT


Victoria's Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Lotion

4.5 6