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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Nursing Plunge Bra

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Husband-Approved Nursing Bra, NOT FRUMPY


Nursing bras are all kind of pricey to begin with, and my husband definitely whines about that, but the Victoria's Secret Nursing Plunge Bra is the only one he hasn't complained about. And that's probably because it's the only affordable nursing bra I own that isn't hideous, frumpy, unflattering, or matronly. This one is Husband-Approved, LOL! It is a wireless nursing bra, which almost made me not buy it at first (I was worried about support), but it's surprisingly supportive! I'm still "perky" in it! And it allows enough stretch for a nursing pad, and for the inevitable variation in sizes that comes along with breastfeeding. This bra is comfortable enough for me to sleep in. The snaps are very easy to undo, one-handed too. No problems there! I tend to fumble with those a lot in general. I bought mine in black, and you can't even tell at first glance that it's a nursing bra. No tell-tale enormously wide straps or huge clasps or anything like that, and it's definitely much cuter in style than anything else I own. I will definitely be buying more of these!

Seattle, WA


Victoria's Secret Nursing Plunge Bra

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