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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Must-Have Fragrance Mist Gift Set

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Victorias Secret must have gift set is a must have


Who doesnt Love getting Victoria Secrets?? It was a great gift for me to buy with this economy.. I did split it up amongest my friends and a little gift for myself as well. Now I have my daughters 21st birthday coming up and I think I will be getting some for her and all her friends for their trip to Las Vegas.I would suggest to every woman out there what a great deal this is. You can break it up or give it all to one person or even treat yourself =)

Anaheim, CA


Great buy


I recently got this gift pack for myself at Christmas time and it was a fabulous buy! The pack comes with four different perfume mists and they all have quite a different smell. I love it! They are all very subtle and not overbearing. I'm very sensitive to perfumes and none of these have bothered me to wear. It's a great set. Victoria's Secret Bombshell is fabulous and smells very fresh and clean and has quite the citrus scent to it. This perfume spray is great for everyday use. Very Sexy is seductive and pleasing to wear for dinner parties and formal events. I would wear something like this to see a play or the opera. Dream Angels Heavenly is a soft, paby powder, fresh scent that anyone wouldn't mind. The mist is very light and just gives you a fresh out-of-the shower feel. Sexy Little Things is just that - SEXY! My husband always has his hands on me whenever I am wearing this perfume mist and I have been known to turn a few fellas heads while wearing this. I love it!

Vancouver, WA




I think this gift set is really truly a good gift for someone like a yourself, a girlfriend or even a relative who is easygoing, casual and sweet because this is how I would also describe the scent of these body fragrances. You can express yourself with anyone of the varities on different days or occasions and they are so easy to toss in a purse or gym bag without the worries of breaking it, or you can split them up as stocking stuffers and give them each to 4 different people. This gift set comes with four different scents to choose from and each of them smell somewhat similar to the other.  This fragrances are really nice to have as a cool off method like if you get out the shower or just want to freshen up after a moment in the bathroom.  They are really cute, fun and flirty and with names like, " sexy little things" to "very sexy" you really can't go wrong.  Although they really dont last very long and are no where near the quality if perfumes, they are just body mists, they smell really sweet and tasty. 

Fort Myers, FL


Victoria's Secret Must-Have Fragrance Mist Gift Set

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