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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Heavenly Bloom

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Heavenly Bloom is soft and natural


I love this fragrance for it's light natural scent. It is not to overwhelming for me or my friends with allgeries. My husband like it as well and that makes a big difference in what I want to wear. I received this as a gift and about to run out so I need to shop online to buy some more.

Sherwood, AR


Fun and Flirty


When I first saw this bottle I figured that I was going to HATE the fragrance. I am not a fan of the regular Heavenly and figured that this coould not be that much different. Well I was very very wrong. This perfume smelled amazing. A friend of mine sprayed it on herself from across the room and all I could smell was this wonderful, light, fresh, fruity smell. This fragrance reminds me nothing of victoria secrets Heavenly. This fragrance is soft with a light floral and fruity smell. The scent lasted me most of the night so there was no need to keep spraying more and more one (even though I did because I loved how wonderful it smelled) The bottle is pretty, similiar to that of the other dream angels perfumes except for the little flower on it. The price of this perfume is definitely reasonable for the amount and the quality. I only wish it was available at more places other than just victorias secret. I love florally, fruity scents and this one is definitely one of my favorites. I would recommend this to anyone!

Miami, FL


Victoria's Secret Heavenly Bloom

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