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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Drenched in Pink Supersoft Body Lotion in Fresh & Clean

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Smells so good


I love Victoria's Secret Drenched in Pink Supersoft Body Lotion in Fresh and Clean! I bought this lotion one day on a whim because I had always wondered if Victoria's Secret lotion was any good any my curiosity was answered positively. I especially love this scent! It smells so fresh and clean just like how it is named and I love that the scent stays with me even hours after I apply this lotion to my hands. It may take a little while to absorb since I almost always squeeze too much of this lotion into my hands but that is okay by me because my hands smell all the better because of it. I have recommended this lotion to all of my friends and would continue to recommend it to any girl who would love for their hands to smell great all day long and be nice and smooth too! Scent My favorite lotion to use because it smells so great and the scent lasts on my skin for hours! Absorption May not absorb the quickest but definitely keeps my hands feeling soft the longest. Effectiveness Really helps moisturize my dry hands.





Victoria's Secret Drenched in Pink Supersoft Body Lotion in Fresh and Clean is another great lotion from Victoria's Secret extense line of products. This is a very nice cream as it comes in a large bottle and lasts a VERY long time as it contains so much cream. (Plus if you cut it open when you are near to finishing it, there will still be a lot left!) It has a very nice scent that is exactly as the name says: Fresh and Clean. Very nice to apply for right after the shower and to start off the day, or just a quick pick-me-up. It is very hydrating and nourishing on the skin and the moisture lasts a long time. The cream is thick and creamy and you don't need very much of it to do the job. Scent It is a nice scent, but there are some others from the Drenched in Pink line that I prefer over this one. Absorption Absorbs easily and leaves skin nice and hydrated. Effectiveness Really helps dry skin and to moisturize. It is very nice.

Minneapolis, MN


Drenched in Pink is fresh!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lotion!  It is great for any occassion and is a nice fresh scent.  In the winter time I get very dry skin and I have not had luck with this lotion as far as that is concerned, a good dry skin lotion is recommended as far as that goes.  Drenched in PINK is great for kids and adults.  My six year old daughter likes to put on lotion with me too and it makes her feel like mommy! I also love the large pump, great for my hands that ache.  It is a fun shaped bottle too and stores easily.  Also a great price!

Nixa, MO


Pink body lotion is always in my purse


I love the scent of victoria's secret drenched in pink supersoft body lotion in fresh and clean scent.  The scent of this lotion is light but noticable.  It is a great scent for any age.  You can wear it with the purfume in the same scent and its not over powering.  Everyone I know loves the smell of it, especially my husband.  I carry it with me everywhere i go.  It is not just the scent that is awesome, the way it makes my skin feel is just as awesome.  It soaks in pretty fast and does not leave a greasy feel at all.  Whats also really great is a little goes a long ways so it will last forever.  It is so afforadable for what you get, it comes in a 16.9 oz bottle.  If you watch for sales you can get them even cheaper.  The more you buy the cheaper each individual bottle is and then just give one away and that person will love you forever.  Another important fact with this product is that it is made in the USA and so everytime I purchase this product I know I help keep jobs here at home.   

Clarence, MO


Victoria's Secret Drenched in Pink Supersoft Body Lotion in Fresh & Clean

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