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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wish Perfume

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Heavenly scent


I have tried a lot of perfumes over the years. Now I only wear Angels Wish. I've had friends family and Co workers ask what smells so good when I wear this. My fiance loves to purchase this perfume for me and has even said this is my perfume. He's picky when it comes to scents too but loves the smell on me.



Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wish


I am a long-time wearer of Victoria's Secrets Dream Angels Heavenly, but I decided to try something a little bit different the last time I needed a new bottle. I have to admit, Wish is not all that different, but perfumes have an odd way of smelling great on a piece of paper in the store or a tiny dab on my wrist & then awful when I wear them in earnest for a full day. Wish has worked out wonderfully for my crazy chemistry; it smells awsome all day long. Like other Victoria's Secret fragrances, I have also never experienced any issues with it flaring up my sensitive skin either. It is a little pricier than some of the other products I buy for day-to-day use, but it comes in a variety of forms and sizes. It also lasts quite awhile, because you don't have to use very much to go a long way. If you are looking for a light, romantic, perfume fragrance, I would highly recommend Wish, along with the rest of the Dream Angels line!

Lindsborg, KS


Dream Angels - dreamy!


Victoria's Secret's Secret Dream Angel's Wish perfume is the best one I have used in a long time.  The scent is sexy and romantic, yet not too heavy.  The scent lasts for a long time, and I always receive compliments when I wear it. The next best thing about this perfume is how long it lasts.  It is sold in a variety of sizes, and all of them seem to be very long lasting.  Not only do I not have to reapply throughout the day, but two spritzes in the morning make me good to go, and a single bottle will last for months.  My husband bought me a set of small bottles in the Dream Angels line and it took a really long time to use the whole set. The price is perhaps the most negative aspect of this perfume, as it is somewhat higher than your general beauty-aisle price, but then you get what you pay for.  Both the  shopping experience and the bottle itself are better than what you'll find in that big blue superstore found in every town.  To me, the price is well worth it.

Roxboro, NC


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wish is amazing.


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels wish is totally amazing. It is a light somewhat fruity scent, that doesn't overpower. It has a long leasting effect and will mesmorize your lover. One spray and they will be following you around to take in thta precious scent. The Dream Angels collection in all is wonderful, but Wish by far is the most intoxicating!

Charlemont, MA


Victorias Secreat Dream Angels Wish Perfume smells good


***This is my favorite Dream Angels scent I just love the way it smells. Its not my favorite perfume over all but I do like it alot. it seems to stay on for a long time and its not to strong. I like the bottle its simple but elegant at the same time. I do use the perfume pretty regularly. I think its a scent anyone can wear and feel confident.***

Rockwood, PA


too light for me


I received this scent as a free sample from victorias secret for joining the Pink website.  I really don't have alot to say about this one.  From the vial all you really smell is the alcohol. It left me wondering what is up with this perfume?  I always give  a fair review for eveything and this time I feel like I can't.  Maybe if I had used the mist spray? Would that make the perfume smell different?  I am sorry to all that read this but please try the mist spray before purchasing this perfume to make sure you like the scent.

Boise, ID


A light, sensuous scent that's great for everyday wear.


Dream Angels Wish Perfume by Victoria's Secret is a wonderfully light fragrance.  It's not very heavy at all, and it's a good fragrance to wear even in everyday wear.  The smell is still sensuous, but not overwhelming.  It's a scent that is lingering and airy.  The picture of the dandelion seeds flying away on the wind is a very good visual example of how I think the perfume smells.  I wear it to work and always get compliments on how good it smells.  It's not fruity, more of a subtle floral, and it is absolutely delightful!  I love this product, and it is defintely one that I would buy again.  I place it up there as one of my favorite scents ever. 

Wichita, KS


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wish Perfume

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