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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Divine Perfume

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Most Heavenly Scent!


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels divine is one of those scents that I always fall back to because it is easily one of the best perfumes I have ever used! I love the Victoria's Secret line of perfumes and this one is a nice addition! It smells very light and sexy but not overpowering! It holds the scents well all throughout the day and smells just as good in the evening as it did that morning when I put it on. I've received numerous compliments when wearing this perfume, everyone just has to know exactly what I'm wearing! I feel like a sensuous goddess when wearing this perfume, it's like perfection in a bottle and well worth the price tag! It is about average in terms of pricing for a perfume but it smells so good and lasts so long so repeated doses are not necessary and make it well worth the price you pay!


Sneads Ferry, NC


VS Dream Angels Divine Perfume is my FAVORITE


I was never really a big perfume person until I visited a friend of mine's house one day.  I had smelled this scent on her every time I went over there but decided to finally ask her what she was wearing.  She told me Dream Angels Divine.  I just HAD TO HAVE IT!  My husband bought me some for Valentine's Day soon after that and it has been my number 1 perfume every since.  Not only does it have this rich, intoxicating, feminine, sexy smell that lasts, but when you sweat, it changes the smell but makes it that much better.  I wear it every night before I go to bed and even if I wake up with cold sweats, I don't feel so stinky.  You only need 3 squirts max and it lasts all day.  It's not so strong that someone can tell when you walked into the room but strong enough that if you pass by someone, it will make them turn to subconsciously follow the smell.  I've had many people ask my what I'm wearing and have gone and bought some themselves.  


Warren, TX


When I smell Divine, I am Divine...


Anything from Victoria's Secret is of the utmost quality but their Angels Line is especially lovely and wonderful.  I have the entire line from Heavenly down to Divine and all that's in between and absolutely love the scent of Divine.  It's soft, warm and extremely pleasent to others that come in direct contact with me.  Working in the healthcare field brings people of all areas to my door and this scent has always been unobtrusive and complimentary in nature.  No one has ever said that I need to "tone it down" or "that's too strong!" so this scent is perfect for such an environment. If you are interested in a soft and lovely scent, I would hight recommend this one from the Angel's line.  If you are into layering which I am, they have an incredible lotion and body wash to compliment the scent.  At one time, there was even a laundry additive for lingerie but I haven't seen that in some time but, if you want to add a bit of the body wash to your personals, you can do so. Sandy


Whitewright, TX


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Divine Perfume is just so, so...


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Divine Perfume is just so, so...  I say that because the scent is just okay, nothing special, not to me at least.  I thought the smell of this perfume would be amazing, delightful and extravagant but instead the scent is simple and commonplace.   It kind of smells like fancy baby powder, but not in a terrific way.  The scent smells a little flowery with a touch of woodsy.  To tell you the truth, the scent is hard to describe.  It is a light scent and it's hard to remember the scent.  That's probably why I can't describe the scent very well.  The scent can be strong, but only briefly if you spray too much on.  It quickly fades.  That's a good thing because you don't want to overwhelm people with this scent.  I thought with a perfume with the title "Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Divine Perfume" it would smell expensive, but I'm said to say, it smells a little on the cheap side.  I think the price is a bit much for the way it smells as well.  I do like the design of the container and the writing, as it is quite pretty.  I also like the size of it too.  If I were to rate this scent on a scale of "1-10"; I'd have to give it a "5.5".  I think you should give it a try if you can get it on sale.  Besides, just because I don't find the scent dreamy, doesn't mean you won't.


Stockton, CA


a beautiful scent


My friend bought me a gift set of travel size products in this fragrance. I loved it enough to go out and buy a bottle of the perfume! I have a lot of fragrances that I love, but when my husband and I are going out together I like to wear this particular perfume. It always makes me feel a little more dressed up, and I almost always get compliments from family and friends. It is light enough not to make me sneeze when I put it on which is a big plus. I hate spraying on perfume and then sneezing for twenty minutes! It lasts a long time once you put it on, but isn't overpowering at all. I hate when I go out and all I can smell is someone else's perfume. I like my perfume to stay close to me, so that the people who I care about, and are close to me can smell it. Like when you give hugs, or even stand close by someone. I don't want a whole restaurant to smell me from across the room! While this perfume isn't what I'd call cheap, the bottle seems to last a pretty long time. I still have the bottle I got a year ago.


Odessa, FL


Inviting, not overpowering


I've been wearing Victoria Secret's Divine perfume for a few years now. My husband presents me a new bottle every year, and it's such a wonderfully appreciated gift. Though it's a bit pricey (for me, anyway), it's the kind of thing I love to wear for special occasions or, since I'm a busy mom, just to feel like a lady again. I'm especially grateful it doesn't seem to irritate my babies -- since they can be a bit sensitive to other perfumes. In fact, I'd describe this scent as "warm and inviting" because with one spritz, I don't think it's overpowering or too floral or too grandmaish or any of the other common complaints most of us have with scents. It's just a nice, soft, mature smell. Pretty neutral in the grand scheme of perfume counters. It's also wonderfully recognizable. A couple of my sisters and friends also wear it and, when one of us has it on, the rest of us know, "Oh, you're divine today, huh?" Who wouldn't want a moniker like that? =)    


Woodstock, CT


Victoria's Secret - Devine - is Devilishly Devine times 10


I have been wearing this scent since it first introduced by VS.  Victoria's Secret is Safe with me.  My husband will never tell my secrets either as long as I always wear this fragrance.  I have worn many others throughout my life but this seems to be my tried and true favorite.  Also hard to be myself without it.  Would never be without it.  Even on a desert island I would have to bring this with me its that good.  Love the body spray cause its the best thing since sliced bread. The Value is trusted for the product.  No person will be sorry for trying this esspecially if you are like me:  Sensitive Skin, Hard to buy fragrance for, wants to feel sexy and sweet at same time without being over done.  This is definately a keeper in my beauty asenal. I always get compliments about wearing this scent.  My husband - He loves it.  Like I said have worn many others but this is the only one that I have multiple bottles of cause I dont want to ever run out and Please VS....I hope you never stop making this product.


Williamstown, NJ


Amazingly captivating!


I actually must say that i love this perfume usually i go for sweeter smelling scents but my mom used to wear this one and i jus couldnt get over how good it smelled! It is deliquate but yet captivating it isnt overwhelming at all its one of those that jus smells amzing and you cant get enough of it! I really dont know how to describe the scent itself their really is nothing that you can compare it to. To me it is definatly one of a kind! I like many of victorias secrets perfumes and scents and this one comes in second of all which is very good! Like i said its not even one i usually go to but the scent is jus so intoxicatingly breathtaking and it is a very seductive scent but in a very modest way! It is a contradiction in a bottle it can be so powerful but yet so light!! It goes from the older to younger in an amazing way! Me and my mom are completly opposite and dont see eye to eye on much but this is one thing we have in commen!  


Elkhart, IN


didnt like it at all


**i usually love victoria secrets. Since they do not carry my bra size, it is hard to get anything BUT the perfume and lotion collections that they offer, but i continue to shop there because it is absoloutley hands down better than bath and body works etc. ** Now when the 'angels' collection of perfumes came out years ago i was stoked, yay a new scent! i am a total perfume addict. But i have to be 100% honest with you. It was icky. It reminded me of baby powder. Which i cannot stand the smell of. It almost smelled like old lady perfumes of the 60's. And i was so completely baffled by how many people LOVE this stuff. I am giving a vague revue on ALL the Angels perfumes because i dont like any of them. Even my sister is crazy and insane over this stuff. Im just not a fan at all!


Medford, OR


Don't tell anyone, but I use to jack some from my sister!


I never owned it myself, but my sister bought some & I use to always spray it alll over me before I'd leave the house, lmao. She NEVER noticed, hahaha. I mean what can I say man, I love the scent, it's DIVINE.


San Fernando, CA


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Divine Perfume

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