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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Desire Perfume

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Miss this scent


I was actually sad when I saw that they no longer carried this scent anymore. I personally felt this was better than the original dream angels. It has a similar scent to the original with an extra little oomph to it. I got this a long time ago in the sparkle edition and still love spraying it to this day. Works well last all day and made me very sparkly.




Dream a little dream ..... of desire


Love this scent, if you are a collector of scent likeme. You love to add it to your collection. Fresh gentle flowery smell, perfectly suited for warm autumn/spring weather. I spray my hair with it every few days since it the smell stays for a while. Desire and Devine.


Rochester, NY


Truly desirable!


I bought the perfume kit with four different Victoria's Secret perfumes and lotions. It was a Christmas deal and I got it on major sell!  I have always loved Victoria's Secret perfumes and this one is no exception.  It has a light, feminine smell.  I get headaches from scents that are too strong and this one is lighter than most.  It has a specific smell that I can't place, but it reminds me of floating on the clouds.  It is romantic and sweet, but not sugary sweet.  You can wear this scent to work, out to dinner or just lounging around.  My guy loves it and he's always touching me when I wear it.  Victoria's Secret does not disappoint.  Never has and I don't think ever will.  The diversity of their scents makes me keep coming back for more and luckily I wait until all the sales come around or find good deals on E-bay.  While this is not my favorite scent it is still up there on the high list and the scent lingers especially with the lotion.  So, go out and buy it!


Duck River, TN


Very light and temporary smell


I have purchased many other Victoria's Secret perfumes in the past, such as Rapture, Victoria, Very Sexy, Instinct, etc. Because I'm used to VS offering rich and long-lasting perfumes, I was rather surprised by their Dream Angels Desire perfume. The Desire perfume is light- almost too light. If you spray it on a piece of paper, you will hardly detect its scent. The perfume works a little bit better when it comes in contact with the skin, actually giving off a faint scent of flowers. However, it does not last long at all. Withing 30 minutes to an hour, that smell has disappeared. Even if you start sweating, you will not smell it. I don't think the Dream Angels line has been very lucrative for VS overall; almost every time I'm in the VS store, I see one or more Dream Angels perfumes marked for deep discount or complete clearance. I've never seen this done with other VS perfumes, especially the "classic" ones like Rapture, so I'm betting the Dream Angels line is not well liked.


Madison, WI


Nice smell


When i tried the Dream Angels Desire perfume at the store, i instantly loved the smell. I, at first, bought the mini perfume and when i wore it at work, i got compliments on it and then i went back to get the larger size. It doest turn into a bad smell after a long time. you know, some perfumes does smell more of an alcohol. But it still gives the same nice smell even after hours so that you dont have to think about reapplying it. I think it's more of a day perfume and I dont think it's ok for the evenings cuz i prefer something sophisticated for evening outings . If you love floral note, you'd definitely love this perfume too.   I wear it every now and then since i like to switch the perfumes. It has always been one of my favorites. I even got this for my mom on her birthday and she likes it too. I would recommend to anyone who's looking for not too faint not too strong perfume both for work and evenings. 


Union City, CA


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Desire Perfume

3.8 5