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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Any Scent

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Most Smell Good For the Price - Not Long Lasting


I like Victoria's Secret - for the price. Sometimes they run them on sale or you can get them really cheap online but the scents do not last. Yes, most smell wonderful - then disappear after 5 minutes. It requires a lot of reapplying. I have a couple of scents on hand now. I enjoy the sunflower scent (yellow bottle from their PINK line) - smells crisp, beachy, citrus-like and clean but don't like the pear scent - way too fruity - strong on contact - awful. With so many scents to choose from and sampler sprays in stores your bound to find one or more that you like. With the sales your bound to find a good deal but just don't expect it to last. They are actually cheap quality with great scents - kinda like when you you smell a candle in the store that smells great but when you get home and light it you don't smell much. I wouldn't really put this in my top favorite perfumes / body sprays due to the scent issues.

Roanoke Rapids, NC


Great quality. Complex strong scents


a little about me: I love stuff that smell good. heck, i am a girl. However, strong 'perfumey' scents give me a serious throbbing headache to the point that I cannot function as a human being (even since I was a kid!). That saying, I tend to stick to sweet fruity scents but dislike strong vanilla-y scents. I can deal with woodsy and floral scents depending how these are concocted. For example, i love pure rose scents and cedar scents! I guess I am the rare few that isnt so fond of Victoria Secret (VS) Scents. I am including the perfume lines and the Secret Garden body wash-lotion lines. I find that 90% of the VS scents just too strong for my liking. Some are bearable but I can see myself getting sick of the smell because 1)smell lingers too long and then seems to be too overwhelmingly suffocating to me OR 2) I get bored with the scent. I think the cause of these two aforementioned reasons is cause VS scents are very complicated, too multi-dimensional--meaning so many notes going on the scent at the same time when you first take a sniff at it. That saying, I have 2-3 favorites in the VS line that I have not been 'bored' yet and find not intoxicating: Pink, Lost in Fantasy and Secret Charm. I used to like Pear Glace but the current one is too floral for my liking; the classic Pear Glace smelled more fruity. As with anything, this is my own humble honest opinion because my nose is so sensitive. Many women love VS scents and VS is has built its reputation on the intriguing and on the sexy. That saying, I think everyone will find a favorite or two at VS stores even those with uber-sensitive noses like me.

Gainesville, FL


Victoria's Secret Perfumes are Amazing!


Victoria's Secret Fragrances have got to be my favorite of all time. They are sensual, intimate, and flirtatious at the same time. Each scent is distinct and different so you would never confuse them with one another. And you don't even have to wear a lot of it. Just a few spritz here and there and the scent stays on you practically the whole day long. I once wore only a little of this certain scent and a friend of mine, who was walking side by side with me, could recognize it right away. I myself could recognize a scent just by smelling it in the air when someone walks by, that says how strong and distinct each scent is. However, they are not overpowering. They are very gentle, hence the reason I used "sensual" and "intimate" to describe them. It's not one of those too-strong perfumes when if someone walks by, you start to gag and choke. The downside is, they are a bit expensive. However, they do last a long time, so I think it's worth the money, especially when you can nab them on sale.

Santee, CA


Vicotria's Secret perfumes make me feel Special.


**The Best Purchase I've Made In A Long Time!**   I've purchased the Victoria's Secret perfume sample box that comes out around Christmas time for gifts and I finally bought one for myself.  Was I surprised!  I can't think of any of the scents I didn't like but "HOT" from the Very Sexy collection and "DESIRE" from the Dream Angels collection are my 2 absolute favorites. However I would highly recommend any of the fragrances.  I was not disappointed and I will be going back for more for myself in addition to purchasing gifts for others. The perfume is not as expensive as some of the other name brand perfumes but is every bit as good.  I really thought I would be disappointed because it wasn't from a famous designer but I'm glad I finally took the chance.  If anyone wants to know what they can buy for me as a gift their fragrance collections definitely rate among the top 5 must-haves. Thanks Victoria's Secret for not letting me down.    

Beaumont, TX


I love very sexy!


I love victoria's secret very sexy.  I like the plan old very sexy.  I do not like the newer very sexy perfumes such as very sexy now or very sexy hott.  I think the other very sexys that are not the oringinal stink.  I love the smell of very sexy.  I have it in a perfume spray, a lotion, a shower gel, and a fragance pen.  I love smelling like this scent.  My boyfriend loves this scent too.  He thinks this scent is arousing.  When I first started wearing it he was very aroused by the scent alone.  I have wore this scent everyday since.  This scent works for what ever you are doing.  It can sexy up an everday occasion.  You can wear the scent to work.  It can add an allure to formal occasions.  You can use it to spice up your love making as I have.  It's very versubtle.  It's my favorate  You should get some!  I also like all of the very sexy romance enhancers like the very sexy body frosting.  Me and my boyfriend have fun with that product.

Hays, KS


The BEST fragrances in the whole WORLD!


Besides Avon, I only buy Victoria's Secret fragrance sprays, lotions, and shower gels. I love most of their scents, like some, & hate a few, lol. Their sales are always packed, so you KNOW they're that freakin good! I have TWO Strawberry & Champagnes, Sweet Daydream, Pure Seduction, and TWO Vanilla Laces!! The best scents in fragrances EVER!!

San Fernando, CA


Victoria's Secret Any Scent

4.5 6