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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Amber Romance

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Favorite of all time


I have smelled this fragrance all my life. Literally. This is the perfume my mother wore all through my childhood. For a while, Victoria's Secret said they wouldn't carry it anymore so my mom went and bought a stock pile of lotions and perfumes to keep it! Then they brought it back one year and changed the style of bottle and the look of the product but it still smelled just as good! I love how soft and gentle the scent is and I have a lot of great childhood memories attached to it! Definitely my favorite scent that Victoria's Secret sells.






I received this scent in both the lotion and the perfume as a birthday gift from a co-worker this year.  I love all of the lotions and perfumes from Victoria Secret but rarely buy it for myself.  This was the first time I had tried this fragrance and I am absolutely in love with it.  It is light but very sexy.  I find that when I put it on it last all day, I like to use the lotion and perfume in combination to achieve this.  You can definitely smell it while you are wearing it but it is not overpowering. I have receved many compliments from strangers and my husband loves it as well.  I was recently at Victoria's secret purchasing a different scent and found that their pricing while a bit higher than say Bath and Body Works is definitely worth it.  I have found all the items I have tried to be high quality and something I would definitely recommend to get for yourself or to give to someone else as a great gift they will appreciate.


Wentzville, MO


Victoria's Secret Amber Romance smell is so amazing


This fragrance is such a warm and sensual smell. My boyfriend absolutely loves it. I started using in back in high school and I have been using it ever since. I always, and I mean always get compliments on it! It has a sort of vanilla hint in it too, which it great. I love wearing it too because it puts me in a good mood and makes me feel more relaxed throughout the day. Sometimes you do have to reapply it during the day because it will wear off, but other than that it is great. It is not too expensive in my opinion and you can also buy it as a set with everything included, like the lotion, spray, and everything. I keep the small bottle in my purse all the time so that I can reapply it whenever I need to. I think anyone who loves perfume, especially warm, vanilla scents would love this fragrance and should give it a try. I usually purchase it at the Victoria's secret store or at their online site.


Douglasville, GA




For the most part I purchase my purfumes from Bath & Body Works as well as Victoria Secret. My favorites have been Victoria Secret purfumes, the scents are great and the prices are even better. After going through many different scents over the years, a friend gifted me with Amber Romance! I'm pretty sure it lives up to it's name! This is by far my favorite purfume that I own and will be quick to replace it when it runs out. I've gotten the approval from my Husband as well who often requests me to wear it as it's his favorite as well. I'm not sure how to explain the smell other than by the name. It is a prominent scent but not overbearing, and had I not seen the name of it, I would definitely describe it as "Romantic." It's not fruity like many perfumes, nor does it smell like flowers like Clinque Happy. I tend to steer clear of the flowery perfumes and not fond of ones overly fruity, this one is a winner as it's neither of those things!! 


Columbia, SC


Amber Romance smells amazing!


I recieved this body spray as a gift sort of for a joke because my name is amber, but I absolutely fell in love with this body spray. It smells terrific, and it is subtle. I get head aches from overwhelming perfume, or certain scents... usually flowers or nature scents. Amber Romance is warm and soft. It is a body spray not a perfume. The scent does not last all day, but does manage to hang around for a few good hours. If you plan to sweat, probably a little less. This is the only down side, but since its a body spray, it is easily applied again and agian. Would highly recommend! I buy this over and over again year after year.


Fort Pierce, FL


Amber Romance tons of them are best selling item...


Amber Romance,I have no words to describe how good this fragrance is.It is not as sweet and flowery as the fruity ones,also very subtle nothing bold.I use it all over my hair,my clothes,my skin,anywhere  and it stays the whole day without turning stronger.I never find anything like stains after applying it all over.Every latin girl (tourists) who brings some splashes to from the US to South America make sure of bringing at least 33% of her shopping of any Amber Romance product .It is a must.I also recomend to use two different fragrances from  Victorias Secret mixed,use them at the same time to give it a personal touch.Excellent product.


Miami, FL


Hope they never quit making Amber Romance!!


I have used several different brands of cologne over the past several years.  Several of these were my favorites.  I switch them around and use one for a while and then another.  A couple of years ago, I was in Victoria's Secret with my daughter.  We were testing several of cologne's that had tester bottles.  I really like Amber Romance.  So I decided to buy it and try it.  I figured if I did not like it once I got home I could give it to my daughter (as my daughter likes it among others), or I could give it as a gift.  When I used it the very first day, I had two people at work, and employee and a customer, as me what scent I had on.  It lasted a very  long time.  I carry a small bottle in my purse to use if I'm going somewhere after work, to freshen up.  The cost is very reasonable for the quality of the cologne.  I hope Victoria's Secret never stops making this scent.  The sales person told me once that it is their number 1 seller.  I believe it


Melcher, IA


Victoria's Secret Amber Romance

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