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Reminescent of Victorian Times


I love the Victorian trading Company catalog that I get in the mail and noticed they also had a website . I decided to check it out and ordered a few small items. I love the online site. You can buy greeting cards, gifts for the home, at Halloween there are very unique costumes and a lot of holiday decorations. I love all the items they have and there are so many to choose from. The shipping costs was fair for what I ordered. there is a wide variety of items in all price ranges. Some things are very reasonable, some expensive. The site is easy to use and find things on and checkout was simple and easy. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, look here. New items that look just like the olden days are here too, very pretty website with a nice array of items and fair prices. Shipping was quick , I got my items in a few days and nothing was on backorder. I give it a score of five, nice site!

New Egypt, NJ


I love it so much! Please work out the bugs!


The things described on this website are amazingly adorable and I love flipping through the magazine when I get it in the mail, but I've been having some serious problems with the website lately. Every single item I try to view says that the image is unavailable and it makes it basically impossible to shop. I know the items are adorable, have a great vintage feel, and are of a good quality but there isn't any way I can shop by description alone. I'm hoping this is just a temporary bug and the team at Victoria Trading Company will have it fixed as soon as possible so I can back to overdosing on the adorableness of all the cute dresses, decorations, and furniture. I want to get a jump start on Christmas shopping this season so I will be checking back periodically in hopes that the problems will be fixed . It would be too bad for this otherwise great company to lose business over a weird glitch.



Consumer BEWARE - horrible customer service


I purchased a very expensive item that needed to be returned by UPS freight because item was different than what was depicted in their catalog. I telephoned customer service 2-3 times per week for several weeks, always receiving the same response that I would receive a call back from a supervisor. My telephone call was not returned until 28 DAYS LATER. I am convinced I was being ignored in hopes I would give up and keep the item because this company did not want to absorb the cost of the return freight charges. The item was picked up 31 DAYS after my initial telephone call requesting help. This is inexcusable and a shameful way to treat a customer and I will never purchase from them again.



Wonderful Victorian Replicas


I love this company. There are a number of items I have bought over the years and have never had a problem if I needed to return something for some reason. My mother, who was born in 1928, becomes very nostalgic when she looks at their catalog since many of the items she personally remembers from when she was a child and saw many of the same or similar items in her own home. I love that I can have some very gorgeous things and don't have to worry about them being irreplaceable if they become damaged or broken. I'm looking into the Dresden ornaments for Mother for Christmas since she said they are very accurate to what was on her family Christmas tree before World War II. I love their collection of handkerchiefs since they are very pretty, very practical and not what you find in most stores. The Victorian Crumb Catcher is a very elegant way to brush off the table and is probably a bit over the top but, I think it's far better than a plastic whisk broom and pan any day. Overall, I think they are a very reasonable way to elegantly accessorize your home with some beautiful little treasures that are very affordable.

Bucksport, ME


Gifts with a Feminine Flair


If you want to know what the **Victorian Trading Company** catalog is like, think Gibson Girls and Tasha Tudor.  Envision quaint curiosities from the 1800s - 1900s, charming tea sets and replica jewelry.   Visualize cameo pendants, brooches, corsets, hatpins, and gloves and you'll begin to get a feel for what's in store for you at Victorian Trading Co.   *www.victoriantradingco.com* The website is very much like the catalog - full of fine collectibles styled with a Victorian-era sensibility.  The products are not authentic antiques, but are well crafted replicas of items from that period.  Although they are reproductions, they faithfully impart the feel and style of genuine antiques. I particularly enjoy the paper ephemera that are showcased on the site.  The stationery is beautiful and unabashedly feminine.  The details are both old-fashioned and whimsical.  There are note cards, holiday cards, and stickers festooned with praying cherubs, winter landscapes, fireplace scenes, and much more.  I generally use the stickers to embellish scrapbooks and other craft projects. If you enjoy browsing antique stores and flea markets, this is the perfect website for you.  They stock an abundance of products that we have no modern use for, but are still captivating nonetheless.  Candelabra, sealing wax, ink wells, and calligraphy pens are just a few of the treasures awaiting your arrival.

Chicagoland, IL



3.8 5