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Vicks UV 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier


Vicks UV 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier. Worry Free, Healthful Moisture for Your Family. Please note that steam production time may take up to 6-7 minutes.

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Great Warm Mist Humidifier


In the winter months the air in my house dries out and it's terrible especially when one of us catches a cold. I have heard negative things about warm mist humidifiers and have always used cool mist. But when I checked into the variety of humidifiers I ran across a Vicks Warm Mist that kills 99% of germs while it is in use. I'm glad I bought the Vicks V790 Warm Moisture Humidifier because it has made breathing while sick much easier. My daughter has breathing issues and this humidifier has helped her tremendously. It has dual water containers and I am able to adjust the level of humidity in the room. When one of us is sick I will add Vicks Vaposteam to the water and it's like adding menthol to the air and opens the nose and lungs up to make breathing easier. I also have found that this humidifier will warm a room up with the warm mist. I wouldn't use just any warm mist humidifier but this one has a guarantee that it's giving off a germ free mist. This machine has a low sound to it and will run a whole day before it needs to be refilled. Now I won't use it much during the summer months and the only downside is cleaning it, our water is hard and it's very hard to clean. I've learned that if I use distilled water it's not as hard to clean. This truly has been a life saver in my household in adding the moisture we need in the winter months and around flu and cold season.




Excellent for the price. Works fairly well.


I bought two vicks humidifier and I definitely like this larger one a lot more than the smaller one i got. Again, I really like the color and design of these vicks humidifiers. Very stylish. Like the smaller one I reviewed, this one also has a dial that determines the settings and level of humidity. This one has a dial where u can set it to any level you want, not just high or low. Definitely a very useful feature. I also like the fact that it has two water containers so that when one runs out, the other one is there on standby to be used. This also works bettery than the smaller one and a LOT more quiet. I can put this on high and still sleep through then night. Of course, this was more than double the price.


Chicago, IL


Good humidifier but difficutly to clean!


We received this humidifier during our baby shower. We tried it out and liked how it worked and decided to buy another one because our room is so big. We really like this product. During the winter time we did not have to turn on the heater because this humidifier really warmed up the air in our room. We like how we could see the warm mist being produced. Our room is quite humid because of this product which is good for us. I get dry skin during the winter time but when we used this I noticed that my skin wasn't as dry. I really like this product and would recommend it. The only negative thing that I can say about this product is that it isn't fun to clean and you should use soft water. We have hard water in our house and the mineral buildup in this product is quite big. This is really difficult to clean.


Covina, CA


this humidifier has some flaws


only used this humidifier for 4 days and the fill tank light would not come on and it would not shut off after it was empty.I sent it back because I felt that it could catch on fire for not shutting off


Walton, KY


Vicks UV 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier

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