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Warm Steam Vaporizer
Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

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Clears Congestion With Steam


I had a really bad sinus infection and what me feel best was to breath in deeply through my nose while in a very hot, steamy shower. I looked for and found a device that allows you to breathe in steam to clear up clogged sinuses. There is a base that hold about a cup of water. You just fill this with tap water, so there is no cost to use this as often as you want. You fill to the line and cover the base with a hard plastic lid with openings and a soft plastic face mask. Once you turn it on, it takes about 5 minutes to produce steam. You know i'ts ready for use with the plastic face mask gets fogged over. For me to get relief I need to breath the steam in through my nose for about 8 minutes. You need to place the inhaler on a flat surface. I have placed this on a coffee table and I sit next to the coffee table and bend over to breathe in the steam. The cord is only about six feet long, so I don't have many places where I can keep it plugged in and sit comfortably for those 8 minutes. (It would be very awkward if you had to stand and lean over for that entire time.) The face mask needs to fit snuggly over your nose and mouth to work so I don't think this would work for a child. If I'm not feeling much congestion, this will clear me up with no medication and I might do this once before bed ... or in the morning. If I am having a problem with sinuses, I still take a decongestant, and do these steam treatments about twice a day. I'd rather do something natural like breathing in steam instead of taking medication.. If you suffer from sinus congestion, I do think this will provide you with relief. I read that you can put your head over a pot of hot water with a towel, but that did not work for me at all. This device has a small




Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

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