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Vicks Early Defense Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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not what i would expect


When i first heard about this i thought it was the best thing... a hand sanitizer that could help prevent getting a cold.. Unfortunatley after using the product i don't believe that to be the case... I bought the vicks early defense foaming hand sanitizer used it and about a week later i was horribly sick..... I stopped using the product and starting feeling much better.... Did not put any thought into that maybe it was the product... So i ended up using it again... And i ended up sick again... I finally thought to my self.. There is something very wrong here... So i stopped using vicks hand sanitizer and just starting using a normal hand sanitizer and did get sick... Figured i would put this to a test... Used the vicks hand sanitizer again... And i got sick... So if you don't want to get sick i would suggest not using this product.. You would be better off going to the store and buying an over the counter hand sanitizer instead... I think it works much better....

Slatington, PA


It is a great light scent and it stay smooth on your hand.


I've been trying this new product called Vicks Early Defense hand santizer.  Hand santizer is a great invention.  I like the product because it gives a great light scent as well as helps to fight germs and bacteria when you can't wash your hands. It comes out of the bottle in foam like form. There are many hand santizer products our there but I had to try the latest one, of course.  This one leaves your hand smooth and not sticky like others  I'd tried.  It is ok product.  It is from Vicks, so I had to try it. I give this product a 3 stars because it only leaves your hands clean for up to 3 hours.  It said so on the label. 

Bakersfield, CA


Vicks Early Defense Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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