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Vespro Regeniskin

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It's A good cream but it's not going improve hand wrinkles


I have gone through three full jars so far of Reginiskin. I originally bought this only to use only on my hands, I have been waiting to see results but it's very minimal. I can say that keeps your hands from drying out during the day so your hands do look softer and it seems to hold the moisture in. However, it hasn't done much for the creepiness/wrinkles on the back of my hands - that's what I was hoping would change but after three jars I don't think it's going to happen. I have two more jars left so I'm hoping miraculously something will improve. I'm not sure if I'll keep ordering - it depends on what happens after I run out of my last two jars. One thing that I wasn't happy about concerning the company that sells this is that I had asked them for any clinical trial results that they may have and before and after pictures of people's uthis hands and they ignored my requests several times. This cream is not going to change your hands in a huge way - I do like it, it gives your hands a smoother texture but it's not going to turn your hands back into the hands you had in your younger days - not even close.

Santa Barbara, California


A product reviewed on WebMD


The review on WebMD prompted me to try this product as I don't know if I would have done it otherwise. As one ages, we tend to forget our hands -- sure we use hand cream, but none of the special anti-aging creams that we use on our facial skin. This product does contain growth factors, mostly those derived from plants and supposedly it promotes new collagen formation. AS WebMD says, you are not going to get what you would with a medical treatment, but I am really not familiar with too many anti-aging treatments for hands. At any rate, I ordered the product and while I was hesitant to use it on my face, I did try it on my hands and I was bery pleasantly surprised. Within two days, I did have a smoother appearance to the skin on my hands. Granted, they still do appear a little aged, but they are slowly getting better. It is very simple to use as they say to just take a dot of the lotion and rub in into your skin until it is absorbed. I use it at night just before going to bed as then I will not be washing it off my hands. So far, I have been very pleased with what I am seeing -- enough to continue using the product and consider refilling my order when this runs out. Also, the skin on my hands feels much softer. I would suggest trying it on your hands and see if you feel comfortable using it on other parts of your body, i.e. your face. Effectiveness Pretty effective with consistent use

Sacramento, CA


Vespro Regeniskin

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