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Verizon - V740 PC Express Card

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great way to access the internet!


Okay, I live in nowhere land and cannot get DSL and dial up is soooo ridiculously slow- so I tried the pc card from Verizon. I have to say that I love it! I works great in my area and is very reliable. I can take my laptop anywhere in the house and get great broadband access. The only down side to this product is that it is rather costly. The plan is about 60 bucks a month, which is more than I pay for my cell phone, but when you're internet options are limited and you're an internet junkie like myself, you'll pay the price. All I can hope for is a better rate soon! Until then, I'll pay it and enjoy my fast broadband!

Taylorsville, GA


Good, but spotty coverage


I got this cellular modem about 3 months ago and ended up returning it. To be fair, there was a good chance that was going to happen anyway, but there were some issues. I work in technology, and am often the first line of defense if our software has a problem. As such, being out of network connectivity for an hour to an hour and a half during my commute is suboptimal. I got this device as an emergency connectivity plan. And I have to say, it works well in major metro areas where Verizon truely has broadband wireless deployed. Its fast enough even to play networked games on. But if you are in what I suspect is a large part of the country where Verizon isn't exactly forthcoming about their limited local bandwidth, it can be slow. Tear inducing slow. Slow enough that even using a terminal is problematic. If you were using just to read/send email and maybe do some web surfing its probably OK anywhere. But if you are doing anything that requires high bandwidth and responsiveness, its best to stay away.

Chicagoland, IL


Verizon - V740 PC Express Card

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