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Venture Queen Plush Top Mattress Set

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Worst mattress ive ever owned


this mattress i bought 5 years ago is the worst mattress ive ever owned, after having it only two years its has big hole indentions all over the bed,. you fall right into one trying to sleep. So i would stay away from buying this brand. Comfort very uncomfortable after having it two years Support worst support ever Firmness not firm at all Durability didn't even last two years

Chelsea, OK


the most comfortable bed i've owned


I have back problems and my old mattress was just making it worse so I went mattress shopping. I tried out at least 10 different mattresses and the one that I felt was the most comfortable was one of the cheapest. I had never heard of the brand but I felt confident that this was the one for me. I would definitley recommend it to anyone!

Oklahoma City, OK


Venture Queen Plush Top Mattress Set

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