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Velux Sun Tunnel

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Sun Tunnel takes room from darkness to light


The main bathroom on our second floor has no exterior walls, hence no windows. It was a very gloomy room. Some years back, I was watching "This Old House," and they demonstrated a remodeling product that got my attention -- a Sun Tunnel. It was a skylight that utilized a silvery tube running from roof to a ceiling. The silvery tube (looks like aluminum foil), combined with a clear "bubble" on the roof, channeled any available outside light into the room. Nice. Due to recent hail damage, we qualified for a new roof. Thus it was time to update everything that involved the roof. I requested a Sun Tunnel and the husband was agreeable. Not knowing what we were doing, we came home with the rigid version, fourteen inch diameter, low profile bubble. It was the only type the store carried. Turned out our contractor was kind of displeased because he would have preferred the flexible tube -- easier installation. I called around, only to discover that no one stocked the flexible tube type, but only the rigid version. We went with the rigid. The installers said the rigid tube was difficult to put in at first, but then suddenly quit resisting (they figured they finally got the hang of it), and went in just fine. Oh, what a huge difference a Sun Tunnel makes in a windowless room! Its construction does an excellent job of channeling light from roof to whatever is at the other end of the tunnel. The bathroom is now the brightest room in the house, sending light into the adjacent and otherwise gloomy hallway. The construction of the bubble lets in all available light, including moonlight, and the silvery tube magnifies and channels it to its other end. What a delightful product!


Appleton, WI


Velux Sun Tunnel

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