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Velocity Micro
Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet

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The worst tablet i have ever created


This tablet is completely awful. I don't know what the creators were thinking. The tablet is supposed to be touch screen but the touch screen is non existant I literally smash the screen and swype at it when I use it. After you get over the horrible touch screen tpu have to deal with the constant loss of internet connection. The Cruz doesn't stay connected for longer than five minutes and therefore it is completely worthless. This is the worst tablet ever created. I didn't even use it after the first day I bought it. Battery Life It runs out of battery within an hour of use. Processing Speed There is no speed it is so slow its painful. Weight Its not at all heavy. App Availability Nothing even functions on here if toy can even get any applications on here. Design It looks nice and sleek but its deceiving. Durability I dropped it and the screen didn't break or anything.



Do Not Buy This


I have tested this tablet out on various occasions and it is terrible. Do not buy it. This tablet is sluggish as hell. It is like using a feature phone to go on the internet. It takes forever for anything to run on it. The specs are terrible and the performance and look of the tablet are cheap. There is a reason this has been discountinued. Do not go near this thing there are newer better options for a tablet out there around the same price.

Scarsdale, NY


Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet

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