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Velocity Micro
Velocity Micro Cruz Reader

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Only buy one if you can find it cheap


Over all, I was satisfied with my cruz reader. However, I did not go in with the highest expectations. I was looking for a cheap e-reader and did not have very much money to spend at all. It turns out that my mother in-law had purchased this one a while ago and did not like it (which should have been a major sign!) and was willing to offer it to me. I figured that free was the cheapest I was going to get. The reader is capable of reading books in a wide variety of formats, so my reading options have been fantastic. However, it is not very user friendly. It takes a long time to turn the page and when you do, usually a bar hides the first two lines for a few seconds. This makes speedy reading pretty difficult. It's also very slow to navigate through other features, such as the internet and you usually have to click things multiple times to get it to work. I've only gone on the internet a couple of times and was not very satisfied with the speed. However, aside from the bar that usually hides the first few lines, it does work satisfactorily as an e-reader. That is what I mainly use it for. The product may not have been the highest quality e-reader, but I did not consider it bad enough to send back. It is also a pain in the butt to turn off. You have to hold down the power button and then press the button that shows up on the screen to turn it off. It's really easy to do it wrong. If clicking the screen doesn't count it goes into sleep mode instead and you have a dead battery. If you get this product, just be really careful when turning it off.



I wish I had not bought this product very much a waste of time.


This has got to be the worst reader that I have ever seen. Its smaller then you think and you have to push very hard to get where ever you need to be and this is very slow. Battery Life Does not last very long at all its just best to stay close to a wall plug lol Book Choices/Variety Its not a good device to use for reading its slow loading and the lighting is odd. Readability The lighting for this device is odd its not as good as other readers Ease of Use Hard to use you have to push very hard to go from screen to screen Design Thicker and smaller then other readers Durability I think that it would last threw childs play

Lake City, TN


The Velocity Cruz E-Reader


I received the Velocity Cruz Reader for Christmas.  I have been able to download pictures to it, watch a movie on it, listen to music, read books, check my email, surf the internet and purchase books as well as other items on line using this ereader.  The pictures that downloaded aren't that clear.  I don't know if that's because of the actual pictures or the resolution of the Velocity Cruz Reader.  The movies have played wondefully; no problems at all.  And that goes the same for the music, although the speaker aren't that loud at all.  I haven't tried ear plugs to see it that makes a difference or not; it may.  Downloading books is very easy and very fast.  And although this is not the higher model Cruz Tablet, I have  not have any trouble with the touch screen it works just fine.  Problems I have had is that you can not read anything on it, in the sunlight and the "manual" that was sent with it as well as the "manual" you can download, aren't really that informative.

Arlington, TX


Great Reader for A Great Price


The Cruiz is a great reader that accepts all formats. You could surf the internet play games and read books in all formates. However, it does that some time to figure out the android if you never used it before. I have not found movies to work well but , everything else does for the price.

Englishtown, NJ


Awesome Ereader


I love this ereader because it is better than most ereaders. It is loaded with android 2.0 and is basically a tablet pc and apps can be installed. It is not limited to just using as an ereader. Can install kindle, nook, or any other ereader app. Touch screen is great.

Greensboro, NC


The Velocity Micro Cruz e-reader beats others.


I received the Velocity Micro Cruz E-Reader as a gift.  After telling relatives that I did not like e-readers very much, I was surprised to find it under the tree.  What was even more surprising was that I actually liked it!  I have tried other e-readers out there--Kindle, Nook, etc.  I like the Cruz e-reader so much more.  Instead of being just an e-reader, it is more like a tablet PC.  Not only is it equipped with Android software and the Android market, it has awesome 3G wi-fi capabilities.  Setting up my network on the Cruz e-reader was fast and simple.  The apps in the Android market are awesome, and almost all of them are compatible with the e-reader.   The lighting is very good and is adjustable.  While I dislike the lighting of other e-readers, the Cruz e-reader is more like a computer screen so the words are very easily distinguishable.  I bring it with me all the time.  It is incredible lightweight.  With the e-reader, you also get a sleeve to protect it.  The e-reader also comes with a 4GB SD card, which is much more space than e-readers of a comparable price.  In addition, the battery lasts for a really long time even with the screen at full brightness.  I love it!  The only downside is that the touch screen is a little difficult to get used to.  I sometimes feel like I have to press in an entirely different place to click on something.

Greenville, NC


Velocity Micro Cruz Reader

3.8 6