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Veet Hair Removal Lotion - Sensitive Formula

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Smells terrible but works


I tried Veet hair removal cream for my bikini line and under my arms because I was sick of getting razor burn and bumps and was too afraid to use wax. It worked-I did keep it on a little more than five minutes. The smell is terrible-I am not sure how to explain how badly it smells. It smells like a combination of very strong chemicals mixed with something rotten. The smell is so bad that I definitely would not use it before a date! It worked fine and I did not have any bad effects, but the smell is so bad that I could not bare to continue using it. I went back to shaving. Effectiveness It removes hair but takes longer than five minutes. Scent The smell is terrible. I can't explain how awful it is. It smells like a ton of chemicals have been combined with something rotten. The smell stays on your skin!




This was sticky and didn't remove hair at all


I used Veet Sensitive Skin because I got sick of shaving plus I have very dry sensitive skin. I hated it. First of all you have to leave it on for 5 minutes. Umm... when using this product on your upper thighs do you know how hard it is to just stand there with your legs apart for that long? The smell is horrible. It says after 5 minutes you can wash off and use the plastic "shaver" to just pretty much "wipe hair away". Well it certainly doesn't work like that. I used the plastic thing for a while and after merely pulling my leg hair since the Veet successfully got my legs completely sticky with this gel stuff, I resorted to just trying to get the stuff off of me at all. It took probably an hour of scrubbing with a bath sponge before I managed to get all of the damage undone. I much prefer spending the extra 10-15 minutes of shaving rather than to attempt this Veet stuff again. Standing in the shower about to cry because I don't know if I will ever get this stuff off of my legs... not really my cup of tea.


Richmond, VA




DON'T DO IT! Women of the world, I know you are searching and searching like I am for new and improved ways of removing hair from your legs. Well, Veet Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Lotion is NOT the way. It just doesn't work! It's such a let down! First , it smells really bad. I don't know why or how, in this day and age of great smelling EVERYTHING, that they can still make products that make you want to die. this smells so gross. and  so you think, "oh, well it smells bad, kind of like it's burning my legs off, so that MUST mean it's working!" But then it has the audacity to not work at all! it's weirdd, you put this lotion stuff on your legs and even though you're not shaving they give you a "razor" (which is just like a little plastic thing) and you still have to "shave" so you're not even really saving yourself the trouble of shaving, since you're still going through the motions. But without removing any hair. Don't do it, ladies.


San Diego, CA


Veet Hair Removal Lotion - Sensitive Formula

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