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Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream: Sensitive Formula

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Awesome awesome!


This product is amazing! My husband helped me cause he wanted to see if it works. Even he was amazed! I would definitely use this over and over and not touch a razor anymore!

El Paso


Silky Smooth


My experience with the original veet was not the most pleasent, I have fair/sensitive skin, and despite following the directions I still limped away with chemical burns.  So I was slightly hesitant to try this out.  But I hate shaving, and I don't dare try to wax (ouch!)  As long as I'm VERY deligent about watching the clock, I get great results.  Of course it doesn't smell like roses, but when your talking about a chemical that's disolving hair (And possibly burning you) that's to be expected.  The only thing I didn't really like is this doesn't do that good of a job on my bikini area.  And I don't dare leave it on longer there!

Manhattan, KS


Veet is gentle, but not as hard-core


Veet for Sensitive skin is just that--it's gentle and doesn't burn my fair skin like some other products I've tried -- no redness, no itching. no chemical burn feeling afterwards. I loved that part about Veet for sensitive skin. I was impressed that it says you can use it on the bikini area. I've never known a product to allow that. It's usually too harsh, but this worked just fine. The smell isn't as toxic/nauseating as most hair removal creams. In fact, i didn't even notice the smell. A big plus. The little piece of plastic that comes with it is supposed to be like a razor. It's cheap, but I liked it. It gently scraped away the dead hair. The down side is this product didn't remove all the hair as thoroughly as I would have liked. I'm used to these creams doing the job and doing it fast, but I need to leave it on for the full ten minutes to see results. Not a big deal, considering some creams take up to fifteen minutes.

Tallahassee, FL


Veet Gel Cream Sensitive Skin Formula


So I tried the Veet gel cream for sensitive skin and am loving it very much. I used the regular and it burned my skin so I contacted their customer service and was told to try this formula so I did. It works just as the regular. You put it on and leave it for a maximum of 7 minutes then rub it off with a damp washcloth or sponge. The smell is still a little overpowering but it does work so well for those who have sensitive skin and need something that works as well as a regular kind would. It spreads on easily and begins working within minutes after applying. You do not have to use a stick or anything to apply it to your skin. But if you use your hands it will make them feel slimmy after applying it. And, you should immediately wash your hands when finsihed applying it too. Also, it works for arms too. I normally shave my arms but I used this for my arms and it was super easy and no worrying about if I missed a spot. Each tube will do about three applications if you do not use it too heavily. And, I did not have to shave for at least four to five days. So, for anyone looking for something for sensitive skin this is a good product.

Mobile, AL


Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream: Sensitive Formula

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