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Vaultz 200-Disc CD/DVD Binder Case, Black (VZ01076) Media

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I should have bought the one with the key instead of the combo


After loving my **[Vaultz CD Case][1] **, I asked my husband to buy me a bigger Vaultz for my music collection.  I have over 80 CDs right now, and the Vaultz CD Case only goes up to 64 CDs in size.  He came home with the **Vaultz Media Binder with Combination Lock **that holds 200 CDs (or more if you can squeeze them in). When I came home, he already had the product open and said he couldn't seem to set the combo lock.  I didn't need it to have a combination lock, so I was going to just leave it.... but I had to figure it out.  The product has 2 combination locks, one on each side, so you could essentially have 2 secure combinations in order to open it.  I managed to set the first lock just fine, tested it, everything was working.  Then the second lock came.  I felt like I followed the instructions to set it correctly.  I closed it and immediately tried to open it (without turning the combo at all) and it wouldn't open.  It was as if I set the combo to nothing and nothing would open it.  I tried all combinations from 000-999 and none worked.  Vaultz packaging states they will not help you with a lost combination, so I had a feeling we were stuck with this.  The first lock still worked just fine, so it's not like I didn't know how to set it. After a few days, I decided to break in.  I decided a combo lock, even a working one, was too dangerous.  It could be way too easy to accidentally reset the combination because of the way it works.  I was afraid that even if I fixed it, someone would reset the combo just by playing with it and I'd be stuck again.  With a little muscle and a screwdriver I managed to break the lock - showing just how "secure" this really is.  If someone really wants in, they can get in.  I'm not that strong so if I can do it, anyone can!  The latches still work to the point that they will shut so I'm still using it for my music. I do not recommend this product with the combo locks, but I DO recommend the same product with the lock and key for the following reasons: - It's strong and can hold a lot of weight without breaking - It's a binder that takes CD sleeves and can also hold other pages sold by Vaultz or eve regular paper - The pages are made of a strong material with mesh that will not easily rip or tear - It's easy to turn the pages and browse you organized CDs - It has a carrying handle and strap So don't buy this one, but buy the other version that has the lock and key.  Enjoy!! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Vaultz-Black-64-CD-Case-VZ01149-Media-review-af9f7


Metro Detroit, MI


Vaultz 200-Disc CD/DVD Binder Case, Black (VZ01076) Media

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