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Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream

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Vaseline Intensive Rescue healing hand cream is nothing special


My rough dry hands need to be rescued, but Vaseline intensive care is not going to do the trick. I was excited to try it, because I wash my hands a lot at work, and the dry winter air really makes my skin cracked and unattractive. The consistency of this hand cream is thinner than I expected. It comes out of the tube very quickly so I always get too much. It does soften my hands for a while, until I wash them again. The moisturizing just doesn't last as long as I had hoped it would. That being said, this hand cream does absorb quickly. I love the fact that it is frangrance free and hypoallergenic. My dry fingernails look and feel so much better when I t apply the Vaseline hand cream. That is a real plus to me. This cream definitely has its good points. I just wish they were lasting ones.


Neenah, WI


Nothing Intensive or Rescuing about this


This winter it seems I have extreme dryness problems with my hands. My hands are cracked and red in places, with a chalky appearance. They actually hurt. I use Vaseline daily to remove my make-up, so I thought I would try the new Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream. Sounds just like what I needed, right? The cream was not greasy, and actually felt good, as I applied it, but the problem was, that it didn't last or heal. I found myself applying it several times a day, as my hands returned to their dry state in several hours after applying. I did not see the dryness, sorness, or redness improve, after using it for 10 days. ( I did get this for little money by using a coupon stack, so I wasn't out much money. That helped.) I am sorry to report that this product does not live up to its name. I am still searching for a product that will help my horrid winter hands. I trusted the Vaseline name brand to work, but it let me down.


Elburn, IL


Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream

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