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Vaniqa Cream

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Vaniqa makes facial hair removal less time comsuming


I finally decided to ask my gyn to prescribe Vaniqa. This cream is applied to the areas on your face that have hair growth that you do not want.It takes almost two months or longer for the product to start working.After two months I have seen results.I used to have to remove facial hair daily, now its weekly and some areas I can go a month. The hair that grows back is much finer.It has worked best for me above the lip and the side burn areas.This hair is much less of a chore to remove.The hair on my chin is still stubborn but it does take longer for it to grow back.It might take a few more months until the hair on my chin responds to the Vaniqa cream.I apply the cream twice a day after I wash my face and after I allow it to dry a minute or two I can apply whatever other lotions or make I use. I used to spend a half hour everyday tweezing or shaving the facial hair areas, now its only a weekly chore.This cream is priced around 60 a tube but this tube last two months.I find  that Vaniqa has saved me time and for this its worth every penny.

Upper Darby, PA


Vaniqa Cream

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