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Vanicream Cream Jar 16 oz

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Can't imagine a winter without it.


Actually, I can't imagine any time of the year without it. This moisture cream meets all the criteria: 1. No scent 2. Soaks in rapidly 3. Keeps skin hydrated. Put it on while skin is still damp after your shower. You won't find it on the shelves, ask your pharmacist. This is the pure cream base they use to compound prescription ointments.



good cream


my baby has had eczema for most of her life. it's not horrible but she gets it on her legs and especially in the bend of her elbows. she used to get it on her face horribly (especially when she was getting sick). i tried aquaphor and didn't like it. it was so thick and sticky and got all over her clothes and our clothes and didn't seem to help much. i used eucerin and it was so greasy! i hated it. i did find a eucerin lotion that wasn't as greasy but it also didn't seem to help her much. i spoke with a doctor friend and she suggested vanicream. i read reviews and vanicream got great reviews from people so i tried it. it is not greasy at all like the eucerin and isn't sticky like aquaphor. her eczema isn't gone by any means but it does seem to help. i try to use it twice a day. sometimes her elbows seem raw but she doesn't cry when i put it on her. after applying it to her i rub the leftover into my hands and i do like how soft it makes me hands as well! my friend as it's available otc at stores but i had to order on-line.

Wellington, KS


Vanicream Cream Jar 16 oz

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