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Value City
Value City Classic Black 5-Piece Queen Bedroom Package

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The mattress we purchased has been a huge disapointment


The mattress we purchased from value city furniture was absolutely the worst purchase we have ever made. It was memory foam and came with this bedroom set. We have only had it 6 months when it already sinks in the middle. It does not conform to your body nor does it retain it's shape when you get up. I now sleep like I'm laying on a hill. If I could go back and change it I would but now I'm stuck with it for 5 years. We had to finance it because the store did not offer their own financing, we had to go through a third party financing company that wasn't even a real bank. It was a little finance company in a strip mall and they are charging us an insane ammount in finance charges. I will never buy another memory foam mattress, this one makes you feel so hot and sweaty all night. It traps the heat and makes you feel like you're suffocating. My wife hates it more than I do and she now resents me for it because the main reason we got it was because of my back pain. Now my wife hates me and I wake up every morning in even more back pain than before.



Value City Classic Black 5-Piece Queen Bedroom Package

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