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Valspar Color Style Interior Latex Paint

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Not the Best Paint


  *** In a previous review, I gave **Valspar Color Style Paint** a 4-Star rating.  I no longer feel it deserves it.  I can't seem to access that review to edit or delete it, so I am adding this new review. ***   **Valspar Color Style Paint** doesn't truly pass the Fingernail test.  I perform a "Fingernail Test" on cured paint to test the paint's durability...I try to scratch the paint with my fingernail, once it has completely cured.  While **Valspar Color Style Paint** did not actually scratch off, my fingernail did leave a noticeable mark in the paint's texture and finish.  I used Satin Finish.  You could tell I scratched it, and I had to repaint the area. The price is good, but the durability isn't so hot. I am a Landlady, so durability is very important.  I suppose if you're selling your house, **Valspar Color Style Paint** might work for you.  After all, the paint's durability wouldn't be your problem.  However, if you're painting your own house or a rental unit, I recommend a more durable paint, such as **Benjamin Moore** or **Behr**.  Both** Benjamin Moore** and** Behr** passed the fingernail test.   

Farmington, MI


Decent Paint for the Money


  Valspar Color Style Paint seems to be decent so far.  I'm hedging because I had extremely bad luck with Valspar Guardian Professional Paint, and both paints are Valspar products.  (The Guardian Professional peeled right off.) So far the Color Style brand seems to be holding up better than the Guardian. Color style passed the "Fingernail Test" and the "Water Test".  I could put a wet paper towel on the cured paint, and it held up.  Also, the paint stayed on, even if I scratched it gently with my fingernail.  Guardian Paint failed both tests, even after 2 weeks of curing. Coverage is good.  Color is rich. I used the Satin finish. While I do recommend Valspar's Color Style brand, I do NOT recommend Valspar's Guardian Professional paint.  It peeled off like dead skin...and I had to repaint everything. I would give this paint a 5 Star, but am cautious after my experience with Valspar Guardian.

Farmington, MI


Valspar Color Style Interior Latex Paint

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