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Will never do buisiness with Valore again. Hard to find worse.


I ordered the book because I needed it for school so I purchased it almost two weeks in advance of the start of school. Valor's posted shipping time frame for standard is two weeks which is what I purchased. After the purchase in which I also paid for the shipping I received no confirmation e/mail and no email with shipping details. I lost the order number when my computer restarted for automatic updates. Valor did have my e/mail address because I received a reminder that I did not sign up for their free shipping program. They have a so called free shipping program which would charge me a lot more than shipping in about a month and it did not have a Paypal option. It seemed suspicious and I did not want to pay even more for my shipping or give them my credit card number so I opted out. Almost two weeks have passed and I have received no confirmation e/mail from Valor yet Paypal immediately had sent me notice that Valor books had received my money. Paypal found it odd that Valor gave no tracking number nor order number to track the item with. When Paypal asked for the tracking number Valor books replied with a tracking number of all zeros which is obviously not a real tracking number. I had no idea if I was getting the book or not from Valor and need the book for school, so I had to order the book used and at a higher price from Amazon which I trust to get it as fast as possible. Amazon always goes more than the extra mile to make me happy and I now don't want to risk getting my book a day late because it could make me behind in my work. Of course other sellers would still sell the book new and for less with an almost as good shipping guarantee as Amazon's. Also, Amazon's price for a new book was lower than Amazon's price for the used one when I bought the book from Valor. I was bummed that option on Amazon was gone and it was a little late for cheaper options with other sellers as well now. There are many sellers that will sell the same book for less or about the same price but I got my book at Valor books because it did not say the international version is in black and white which may have been the case and I was in a rush so I took a gamble. I have learned that I should try a different seller. The Valor site is suspicious in their business practices. I will definitely check with reviews and the BBB etc. for new sellers to ensure I will receive my future purchases. I hope Paypal will refund my money. The next step is the BBB.



Stay away!


I paid the fee to rent the book I had a bit longer and sent it back in the middle of January. The return slip wouldn't pull up from their site, their "customer service" was completely useless and so in the interest of getting it off of my plate, I decided to ship the book via UPS. The book was sent back to me from UPS weeks later and after the return deadline. It should also be mentioned that I had never received an email referencing when the book was due initially or when it was due after I made the rental extension. I did however, get the final email telling me that I was being charged for the full price of the book. When the book was finally shipped back to me from UPS, I called Valore and was told that I had to send documentation that I had shipped it via UPS by a certain date. I explained to them that I had thrown away the UPS box and shipped it from a UPS store, and therefore couldn't find my tracking number to get documentation. Not only wouldn't they agree to take the book back and return my money, the two people that I spoke with were extremely rude about it. I figured that if they were going to screw me they'd at least do it with a smile, but it didn't sound as if these two people had a pleasant bone in their respective bodies.You would think that a fledgling company trying to build brand loyalty would be able to see the forrest for the trees. I am in my second semester of business school with hundreds of other students. The business that I stood to give them over the next two to three years myself and through recommendations would have far exceeded the $150 that they pried from me for the aforementioned book. As it stands, I will never use this site again and will recommend to everyone I come across to steer clear as well.

New York, NY



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