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VUDU Video Service

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Fantastic video streaming service on all platforms


VUDU is a great way to watch videos and tv shows from pretty much every platform imaginable. I use it on my PS3 and iPad, and it's great to be able to pause the movie on my tv and then pick up where i left off on my tablet or PC later. The service has a ton of movies and tv shows, and generally gets new movies two weeks before the dvd hits stores, so I don't have to wait. Only downside is that the mobile interface could use a little work, but otherwise, I totally recommend this of all the streamers out there.




Great service for Ultraviolet collections and to stream rentals.


I was looking for a simple way to access my 300+ collection of UV titles on my television with little effort. I own a PS3, Roku and Xbox360, so Vudu is perfect. Since I am not required to pay any additional fees to access the app, I generally only use it on the PS3 and Roku. The interface and streaming quality is exceptional. The few times I have rented titles, they have started immediately and had no issues. I can sort my collection by genre, release date and several other options. Almost all titles have closed captions and surround sound. Since 2013, I have been able to access any new Disney digital copies that have been released and it's a great way to view them. Also, being able to convert DVDs for select titles to digital copies for a few bucks is a great way to clear out shelf space and add to my growing digital HD collection. There are other options out there, but VUDU seems to be the one with the most features.


Henrico, VA


VUDU Video Service

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